Finding Purpose in the Seasons of Life

A chair at the Table. Really?

Rushing through the door into the big dining hall, she was awestruck when she noticed the difference in the atmosphere, from the golden silk tablecloth with white embroidery covering the dining table to the brightly burning candle lights set on golden stands artistically designed. She draws close as she caught sight of the patterned petals on the tablecloth, the fine dining cutleries with gold-plated patens, and the sound of the soft music playing.

What took her breath was the people seated at the table smiling and chatting. They all look so elegantly dress like royals. She looked around again to see if she could find anything familiar, or any traces of what they’ve been through before invited at the dining, but there was nothing she could trace. Suddenly the fresh warm tears like waterfall landed on her cheeks and down her outfit. She whispers to herself, “What am I doing here? Nobody looks like me. These are perfectly dressed refined people seated at a high table for a big super.” To the left of the table, there was an empty chair next to the Host. What she doesn’t realise was that all the people seated at the table have issues and circumstances beneath their fancy dressing. No one was perfect. It was GRACE that picked them up from their predicaments and clothed them so beautifully you can never imagine they’ve been through storms and brokenness.

She was about to run away when her eyes cross path with his, sending an electrifying standstill in the air. He seems to be the Host on the table. She quickly turned away to leave the room. However, before she could get to the door of the building, he caught her. She felt a warm, gentle grip on her arm. She turned around to see who it was, and there he took her into his arms and said, “excuse me, I believe the empty chair at the table is yours.”
She was lost for words, which is surprisingly not like her, as she is generally very conversational and seems to have an answer for everything, except this time around she couldn’t. Nor was she able to take her eyes off his. She was shaking as her heart melts on the inside, with unexplainable thrill. Lost in awe, trapped, and paralysed to her feet, she quickly replied, “sorry, it is not my seat,” trying to control her cracking voice.
“Yes, it is yours, and I made it ready and waiting for you,” he replied.
“No, I think I am in the wrong place. I don’t belong here. Who are you and why did you run after me?” She asked.
However, he took her by the hand and led her back into the dining hall, and to her seat saying, “I am the One who prepared a place at the table for you.”

There she was again reasoning within her while seated at a table where everyone seems to have it together, or so she thought — pondering why she felt like a misfit.
Anxious and so distraught, her glass of wine slipped through her fingers making a mess of her outfit. “Ohh no, I am sorry. I didn’t mean to be clumsy,” she cried in disbelief. He rushed to her seat assuring her it was okay and not to worry.

She excused herself from the table and rushed to the ladies’ room with both hands on her face covering her rolling tears. “What was I doing?”
Suddenly, like a flash, as she stares into the mirror, the realisation hits her. There’s a choice to either stay at the table and drink from the gift of grace or walk away feeling and living like a misfit.

Have you ever felt like a misfit in your world? I have, and this article here refers to me. You know what though, all of us at some point feel unfit for the challenges and roles set before us, and the free gift of grace presented to us. So you are not alone. The good news is no matter who you are; you have a place at His table if only you allow Him to lead you. However, the choice is yours to make.

Will you accept the invitation of GRACE to partake at His table or will you walk away?

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Finding Purpose in the Seasons of Life

The Wooden Cross!

The Cross that brought me back to my senses
The Cross that broke the chains of bondage
The Cross that brought restoration in my life
The Cross that saved me
The Cross that stood tall on Calvary’s Hill
The Cross draining with blood
My Saviour’s blood that wiped away my sins
Oh the Precious Blood of The Lamb slain for me
The Powerful Cross that redeems

The Cross where my Saviour was hung
The Cross that made history
The Cross that will never fade away
The Cross still saving lives for over two thousand years.
The Cross that took my sins away
The Cross built for me
The Power of the Wooden Cross
The Cross that made a way
The blessed Cross where my Saviour defeated sin
The Powerful Cross that redeems

If not for the Cross where would I be….Thank you for saying ‘YES’ to the Cross and for rising up the third day. You defeated death and the power of the grave, and You are seated at the right hand of God the Father interceding for me.
Now I am forgiven, saved, justified and on the journey of sanctification.
I am loved, favoured, called, chosen and set apart for Your Glory.
Thank You, Jesus.

Happy Easter to all my followers and readers.
May this Easter be filled with blessings and divine encounter of Jesus’ unconditional love for you.

God’s blessings.

Finding Purpose in the Seasons of Life

This Tapestry of Life!

What was I thinking? That life was going to be one long journey with few bumps on the road. Was I ever told that putting together the yarn and fabric of my life was going to be easy? Sometimes the needle pierces deep where I don’t expect, and other times it resurrects the hidden unhealed wounds, while the pruning of unwanted edges leaves a painful reaction.

Sometimes life experiences seem unending, with different issues and situations knocking you off anytime you encounter one. In those moments, it is hard to see the good they’ll ever bring. However, I bet some of those experiences made us stronger today to face the next challenge.
For me, I am still overwhelmed at how God is turning the ugly and indescribable mess in my life into a new story of courage, hope and grace.

How He is going to turn this life into a beautiful tapestry only He knows. I look at my life like these yarns; they don’t look anything close to finishing with different individual threads, shades, smell, colour, and touch. Each colour represents a life experience for me, and some colours I don’t like, but why He is putting them together, I have no idea. Should I choose to believe and trust that they will make a beautiful story at the end? That’s a tough one, but am gradually learning to trust Him with the outcome.

Can I see Him weave my scarred life with beautiful colours of grace? Can I see Him in every pain I face, in the brokenness of life, in the depth of sorrow, in the laughter, and through the storm? Can I choose to see Him when I can’t explain my mind or interpret the tantrums going crazy in my thoughts, and stubbornly refusing to make sense? Yes, I can.

I know each chapter of life has a purpose, but I would have love only to see the beautiful seasons weaved together and the ugly ones left out; or believe the ugly stages will add richness in perfecting the masterpiece. Nevertheless, God has assured me that all the colours knit together with a touch of His grace, will shape and reveal the beautiful splendour of the final masterpiece.

Dare I see through the eyes of change and reason through the mind of newness as I watch this tapestry unfold?

Oh yes, I dare myself to see beauty through the scars and His grace unravel in my mess.

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Finding Purpose in the Seasons of Life

This Ocean called ‘Life on my OWN’

In my daily struggle of finding out what life is all about and the seasons it brings, am left thinking about what awaits my doorsteps tomorrow.

Often people assumed that being Single means you have lighter worries and burdens, and then place expectations before you. I am not afraid of the responsibilities I face each day. What worries me is the assumptions that I have a whole lot of time available to spare as a Single person, and that I have no demanding chores whatsoever. Now that’s concerning. I wish they were right though. Laughs.

Just for the record, I do not have a whole lot of spare time. I am simply enjoying this season — one step at a time.
I am not afraid of being Single nor jumping into the ocean of ‘life on my own’ and encountering the tasks it brings each day. I love the experience and responsibilities. The fear is that this season may not last long.

As I sit on my kitchen bench enjoying breakfast each morning and later rushing to work, am left thinking. Even when lost in a conversation with a friend, laughing my tears away, cuddle in my quilt with a late night snack, rolling from one side of my bed to the other each night, or waking up in the morning with the singing cockatoos next to my window, am still left thinking how all these might change some day.

Do I want it to change? Yes and no. No, because I love this time of discovery, getting to know who I am, and the things that make me dance in the clouds. Also, yes, if it is His will for me. I don’t know what the experience looks like in the next chapter. I love discovery, and I am not afraid of what the season brings. However, for now, I look forward each day to jumping into this ocean of Singlehood, maximising my potentials, stretching my capacity to explore His manifold greatness in store for me, discovering something new and exciting worth going for, and jumping from the edge of the tallest cliff of His plans for me.

What terrifies me, I mean what scares me is getting caught when I jump. It’s not the fear of falling; it’s the fear of being found as I take off into this adventurous journey.

People often think Single people are scared of being alone. That might be true for some, but the majority I’ve spoken to, it’s the direct opposite. We love our season.

Don’t be afraid of the season, embrace it and live it to the full.

How does your current season feel?

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Finding Purpose in the Seasons of Life

Get off the Sidelines!

Are you sitting on the sidelines of life?

Have you fallen so hard that you decided the game is over? You retreat from the game and now sitting on the sidelines. Sometimes we find ourselves there because of different reasons; it can be injury, pain, a fault, lack of confidence, feeling defeated, a penalty that threw you off the game, something you did wrong, or perhaps it was not your fault. Whatever it is, you’re not done. Even if you get condemned by the spectators or commentators, you still have a place in the game.

No matter how you feel, whether mocked, written off, cancelled out, tagged worthless, called a failure, lost in depression or locked up in anxiety, you are not OUT. Tap into the power of getting up again. Refuse to reduce yourself to the sidelines. You don’t belong there. Your place is in the GAME.

After being knocked off so many times and thrown out of this beautiful game of Life. I have now discovered the power of getting back up again no matter how many times I’ve fallen or been knocked off by life’s experiences. I refuse to settle for the sidelines.

I am in the process of rewriting my comeback. Will you join me? Just because you are off the game doesn’t mean you can never be back in it.

Write your comeback story. You are not eliminated. Jump back up, face that obstacle, that hurt, that scar, that situation and show it your comeback action. You are a champion made for greatness not failure. You are only a failure if you accept it. Instead, when you fail (we all do at some point in life) and find yourself on the sidelines, see it as an opportunity to refuel and jump back in. You aren’t done YET.

Wherever you are, I encourage you to get off that sideline and jump back into the game. The match isn’t over unless you call it so. Even if people have called it finished, you can start the game all over again. You have a destiny and a future beyond the sidelines, so don’t settle there. Get back up into the destiny game, and head on to that unfolding future ride awaiting your comeback.

See you in the comeback GAME.

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Finding Purpose in the Seasons of Life

The Identity Search!

We are all stuck at a particular juncture in life searching for meaning, significance, worth and standing or name. It seems like we are in a survival jungle searching for the next button that will give us all the answers and lead us to the next step in life where we emerge a ‘WOW.’ That survivor jungle mode is on the rise!

Looking around each day as I set off on life’s daily routine, all I see is the search for identity in the eyes and appearances of many. We all appear to be lost in transit, somehow.
My question is, ‘why identity?’ Is it a must have or must discover on our ‘to-do’ list? Yes, it is, and this search is so intense that most of us will do anything in and out of our reach to be recognised and acknowledged. It is scary watching this theatrical play in today’s society.

So have you found your identity, or are you still in the search queue? The sad thing for most of us is that we already know who we are, but discontentment and insecurity is the thief robbing us of our self-worth and making us compare with other people, thus the drive for an identity we think is missing for us to be recognised.

At times I think it is attention seeking that drives us into a search that we already know or have the answer, if only we stop and listen to our crying soul for a minute. Everyone wants a name for themselves. Just look at social media, and you’ll understand what I’m saying. It still throws me off guard anytime I see the sacrifices we lay at our devastation all for the name ‘identity.’

There is a collision clatter going on every day around the world. I called it the ‘Identity crisis.’

Mismatched identity is so detrimental that it can cause depression in the human soul. I know this because I’ve been there. But we do it anyway. Most of us know very well that the identity we are pursuing is unhealthy for the soul, but yet we walk right into it with eyes open. I was once a victim. Oh no, more than once.

I was going out of what I knew was right to feel and look like some people and not valuing who I am on the inside. I thought I could only feel good and more appealing when I do what others were doing and look like them. So I entered a particular relationship because I wanted a new identity, even though I knew it was going to be a lifestyle of compromise.
It ended up a very abusive relationship that I can’t tell you how I am standing ‘sane’ and emotionally balanced today if not for the grace of God. Now, you’ll think I’ll learn from that and accept who I was and stay put. But no, I went into another one that looks like a bed of roses from the outside, but the level of ‘give and take’ in that relationship had me packing for the sanity of my soul.

What is driving your identity search? Is it belonging, self-worthlessness, feelings of an outcast, and feeling like a misfit or just pleasure? Mine was for belonging and pleasure, but I paid a dare price for it. One of the greatest cries of the human heart and soul is acceptance. And we’ll do anything for it. We are ready to change our identity to any other no matter what it looks like, as long as we feel accepted in that new colony.

So have you asked yourself these questions, ‘Who am I? Why am I here? What’s my purpose in the here and now season of my life? Where am I going?’ If we can’t answer these questions, then I’m afraid we’ll find ourselves back in the identity queue and falling into the wrong colony different from who we are made to be and live out.

After all the painful ‘trial and error‘ I went through, I’m glad I’ve found my identity in SOMEONE who loves me beyond description. His name is Jesus.

Who are you, really?
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Finding Purpose in the Seasons of Life

In the Waiting!

Come, I invite you to a short but very thoughtful dialogue I had with a very close friend while sitting here lost in my thoughts. A friend, most of us, don’t like.

Me: I’ve wrestled with you for many years and never won. You’ve always taken the lead. It’s been a long ride with you.

Friend: Listen to me precious one. I’ve not been with you for nothing, I love you so much and desire for you to know me and learn my attributes. I help you build character, improve your personality and reason with your heart.

Me: You’ve asked me to stay in you, but I don’t know what you want to show or teach me this time around. Still, I’ll hold on.

Friend: My name is ‘Waiting,’ and though many don’t like me, I help them reason before making life-changing decisions. I’ve seen people ignored me just to run into disaster and turmoil.

Me: Yeah, you’re right. I’ve been in you for ages, and right now my mind is travelling through a long tunnel called memory lane, thinking of all the times I’ve heeded and allowed you take me through the process. I saw how beautiful the outcomes, and how painful my decisions of ignoring your gentle nudge. But now I want to make you my best friend, one I lean on each day.

Friend: I am glad you’ve seen my impact in your life and considering me a lifelong partner.

Me: Can I tell you something, my new friend? Some secrets I unlocked hanging unto you.

It’s in the waiting I learned how to wait
It’s in the waiting I knew how to cry
It’s in the waiting I understood how it feels to be ignored
It’s in the waiting I ran out of tears
It’s in the waiting I experienced what sleepless nights feel like
It’s in the waiting I learned how to shout in agony
It’s in the waiting I felt the pain of silence
It’s in the waiting I learned to listen even when no one was speaking
It’s in the waiting I saw my impatience
It’s in the waiting I learned how to pour out my soul

But it’s also in the waiting

I mastered how to depend completely
It’s in the waiting I’m broken to surrender
It’s in the waiting I saw my weakness and reactivated my vigour
It’s in the waiting I confronted my insecurities and defeated my fears
It’s in the waiting I turned my failures to opportunities
It’s in the waiting I collided with my hidden strength
It’s in the waiting I overcame anxiety and bet down worry
It’s in the waiting I conquered depression and birthed out freedom
It’s in the waiting I edited, fine-tuned and rewrote my story
It’s in the waiting I’m reminded to be still and know that I am not alone
Now in the waiting, I can hear the sound of my heartbeat as I smell and inhale the fresh air of new beginnings
It’s in the waiting I’m becoming the student ‘patience’ and gradually trusting to escalate to ‘perseverance’ and then the professor ‘HOPE’

Friend: Stay in there, don’t rush the wait, it is there for a reason. Whatever you’re waiting on, tarry ‘in the waiting.’ It may seem infinite, but it’s only for a while. Don’t cancel the experience.
I’ll leave you with this quote, ‘There is a time for everything, a season for every activity under the heavens.’

Me: Now back to you all. What is your waiting experience?

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