Welcome to A lady for my King Homepage, as a woman, you are God’s princess made in His image. You don’t have to be physically living in a palace to be a royal princess. You are the daughter of The Great King in Heaven, who has made you in His image and after His likeness. He made you fearfully and wonderful to reflect His glory here on earth and to fulfil His Kingdom purpose.

So it doesn’t matter if no one has ever called you beautiful, He calls you beautiful. People may never call you precious, but you are precious to Him, that’s why He sent His son to die for our sins and reconcile us back to Him. No one may call you princess, but you are His princess, in fact, a royal one, loved, valued, adorned, and betrothed to Him. You are priceless; your worth can only be set by Him, not by anyone on earth. You are far more valuable than gems and diamonds. You know why? Because the price God paid to bring you back to him is the precious life of His Only-begotten Son, Jesus. He loves you with a perfect incomparable love, to any other on earth. His love is not base on any condition. It is unconditional.

You are His, and if He can trade His son to have you back, what would He not do for you? You name it. As long as it’s His will for you, He will give it to you at the appointed time. So don’t let your circumstances define you, nor let the problems and situations around you reduce your worth, ARISE as the royal princess you are made to be, shake off the past, the hurt and the shackles that held you bind to your mistakes and circumstances. Stand strong, lift your head up high and look ahead having your focus only on Jesus.
You are the daughter of a Great King. You’re His precious MASTERPIECE!