A lady for my King is a ministry to young and adult women seeking to discover their purpose in life, within the different seasons they find themselves. It’s a ministry to encourage and inspire every woman that no matter where you are in life, God still loves you and has a great purpose for your life.

A lady for my King reminds and challenges women to arise to the daily opportunities, knowing there are so many great and wonderful things God has for us if only we can surrender to Him and seek to develop an intimate relationship with Him. If only women can aspire to develop a father-daughter relationship with God which He longs to have with us then, there is unlimited access available to us to the Father’s throne room.

A lady for my King encourages women to believe that no matter what happened in the past, God can still give us a fresh start and help us through the journey of getting to our appointed destinies. God can remould and transform us into the beautiful princesses we are meant to be, if only we let Him finish the work He has started in our lives.
Remember no matter who you are, where you’re from, your race, ethnic, colour or nationality, God loves us all the same.
He is The King of Kings, The Great King and we are His children. And as a daughter of a King, you are automatically His princess.

The name A lady for my King came about in 2015 and later named after my first magazine published in July of 2015.
The name came at a point in my life where I felt vulnerable and desiring a fatherly love I barely had. It was during these times that God reveal to me that He is a loving Father and that He loves me so much. Hence, I began to see myself as His little princess. Several names came up, but a lady for my King became the perfect fit for me. The name anchored deep within my current status as a Single Lady. Knowing I am all His, gives me a sense of satisfaction and fulfilment in Him, as I trust His plan and purpose for me no matter what happens.