Leaping Faith for a Leap Year

Every morning when I walk down our hill to the bus stop I come across the word ‘LEAP’ on a noticeboard with a picture of someone jumping from one point to another. But this morning as I walk towards the noticeboard, I couldn’t help but ponder on the blessing of an additional day for 2020. I wonder if you and I can, like that picture on the noticeboard have the faith to jump from where we are now, into where we want to be letting go of our insecurities.
My question is, what are you going to do with this extra day? Well, I read some old traditions about Leap Year online, and some of them left me with jaw-dropping amazement. Seriously?

So what’s the meaning of leap. A leap according to my dictionary, is to jump to a great height or jump with great force. But I saw a fitting description ‘to leap means jumping across into something new.’ Now that caught my attention. See, I don’t mind leaping, but I won’t waste my time jumping into the same tracks I’ve been sitting on for years or leaping into another space which has the same trellis that I’m trying to overcome from this end. Sorry, I won’t leap. Excuse me, I am not doing it. Of what benefit is it leaping from one instability to another? If I have to jump, it has got to be into something new and life-changing, because I am tired of vaulting from one old jumble into another.

Sadly, some of us don’t mind hopping into the same old clutter we’ve been fighting to escape for decades, because with time, it becomes comfortable and familiar. I’ve been there and I want no more of it.

Right now, I want the wind of change to blow into my direction. And when that wind comes, I am going to jump on its wings and leap to the highest height possible to experience a new beginning and a fresh start to life.
Am going to leap over every mess, brokenness, heartbreak, disappointments, my failures, anxiety and every depression with a leaping faith into God’s overflowing provision for me.

So let’s get hold of faith as we leap into the new, flying with the wings of change, soaring on the strength of GRACE, and landing into the heights of new beginnings and possibilities.
Ignite that leaping faith in you and don’t let your mistakes or the failures of your past hold you back. Don’t let that trial and error experience leave you in procrastination.
It is a leap year and requires faith to leap over everything that holds you back from reaching for your purpose, going after that dream and utilising your God-given potentials. It’s an extra day of GRACE for 2020. Jesus is The God of second chances!

I am leaping off this edge, are you coming?

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Hidden in the Dust!

Cloaked somewhere in the dusty corner of a neighbourhood in a small suburban town, was an undiscovered princess hidden beneath the dust and rust of shame, humiliation, sin and mockery. It will take a supernatural sight to see this gem covered in dirt. No matter how she tries to rise at the view of the burning sunlight to catch the glitter that would light up her life and reveal the gem hidden in her, she gets pushed back right under the pile of sin struggling to breathe. When will they ever let her be who she rightfully is and not what the dirt made her? Is there any hope at all? Anything left for her to hold on to for hope?

She looks around, and everyone she could see was comfortable sitting and covered up in this unbelievable dirt. No one wants anyone to rise from that situation. However, she was uncomfortable in that mess but not allowed to step out. Somebody help me, her soul cries out, but no one could hear the gem crying beneath the mire. She was covered with so much dirt and shame that there was no way anyone could hear her from the outside.

The dust has built a noise protection wall that blocks the internal voice of the soul from reaching out for help. So she gently gave up and hoping someday, a Saviour will come to her rescue. And He finally came. So today I celebrate the birth of that Saviour who loves me past my sin and who reached down beneath the dust to find me hidden in the rubble. He refused to allow it to define my worth.

In His eyes, I was worth saving, worth cleansing, worth another chance to live, worth discovering and surely worth enthroning as the Princess He initially designed. And when He looked at me and into my eyes, I saw LOVE that I’ve never seen nor encountered. Love that saw the hunger and thirst in my soul to be saved from the mess that got me hidden in shame and guilt. Love that erases my history of sin and disobedience, and gave me a new life chapter to start again.

Reflecting on the past, I asked myself, where would I be today if LOVE hadn’t rescued me, or if I had refused His offer? I thank God that LOVE never gave up on me, and I am here to say ‘Thank YOU’ to that LOVE (JESUS) that saw the jewel in me.

Ohh, I love Christmas. I love knowing my SAVIOUR came for me.
Are you hidden in the rubble of life? Whatever that represents in your life, He can bring you out. I know, because He brought me out.

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Beyond the Shadows: Finding hope and the courage to create new seasons of life eBook: Cecelia Catherine Loppy: Kindle Store
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The Canvas

All I could see was a faded portrait that looks like a princess. Looking from afar I couldn’t see the artist. So I drew closer to satisfy my curiosity.

There was someone painting that I couldn’t see. But I saw a beautiful wooden paintbrush tracing the face of a faded daughter. The colours were beyond description. I’ve never seen such living colours that kindle your spirit to life. Where did he get those colours from? I asked. While still pondering, I saw a hand glittering in shinning splendour holding the brush and painting stunningly. At that sight, my heart skipped beating so fast and leaving me breathless.

I started seeing what looks like my eyes, my nose, my ears, the shape of my mouth. The picture was so dazzling that it kept drawing me closer. The more I stepped forward, the more I see a reflection of what looks like me on the canvas. My mind asks ‘could that be me or someone else’? No, that can’t be me. The portrait was too beautiful to resemble me. It shows no hint of the wounds nor the scars I bear. How could something so beautiful look like me? No, there is a mistake here. Who is painting this portrait? How come all I could see was a hand holding a brush. So I yelled out, “Hello, who’s there? Can you hear me? Hello?”

Then I heard a voice like the sounds of many waters. Suddenly I could sense who the painter was. His presence began to fill the atmosphere, stilling my heart and possessing my mind. I turn around to trace where this presence was coming from. But He was everywhere. Inexplicably my heart got caught in an orbit, in a rhythm so intense that all I could do was close my eyes and get drenched into the never-ending presence that filled the atmosphere. And when I finally opened my eyes – there it was in His hands, a finished masterpiece portrait that could only look like His Princess.
And that was me in the magnificently painted Canvas.

He said you are BEAUTIFUL. How do you see yourself?

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Finding Purpose in the Seasons of Life

Where are you Dad?

It is Father’s Day today in Australia and New Zealand, and as I reflect on the importance of fathers in our society and our lives as children, I am left pondering about the many out there who don’t have a father, or who are grieving because of the absence of their fathers from home.

Last week I encountered two different girls with the same hunger and pain burning in their hearts. The first one was a fifteen-year-old who was lamenting about her dad’s absence for six years. What’s fascinating is that while he abandons her, she longs to have a career like her dad. This young teenager secretly admires her dad even though he wants nothing to do with her. How heartbreaking and touching to listen to her with no hatred or anger in her voice. The brave girl has accepted her situation and decided to move on with her life. Her story taught me how to surrender our challenges to God and allow Him to take control.

Two days later, I met this little seven-year-old girl. I was helping her with some craftwork when her friend reminded us of Father’s Day. Within seconds her eyes bulge with tears as she said in a sorrowful voice, ‘I don’t have a father but I want one.’ Goodness me, I didn’t see that coming, she took me unawares. I quickly said to her, ‘mine isn’t here with me either, but you know what, God is our Father and He is the best.’ Her friend said to her, ‘that’s okay, I love you and am here.’ Suddenly her voice and appearance changed from a sad little girl to a jovial tone as she smiles and laughs. That was a relief for me!

Where am I going you asked? I think that’s obvious.

Every child needs a father and to be surrounded by a father’s love. Research has proved over and again the vital role of a father in a child’s life and the devastating effect being fatherless can have on a child. The absence of a father’s love can cause children to go searching in the wrong places, leading to heartbreaking results. Many fathers don’t seem to understand the gap their absence creates in their children’s life. I salute the many mothers who do all they can to fill the gap. However, they just can’t do it, no matter how they try. The absence of a father affects children far more than we know.

I understand that some fathers may not know how to demonstrate love and care to their children. Perhaps they have never experienced a father’s love themselves; it’s hard to give what you don’t have. But I’ve seen others take the challenge and learn how to love even when they’ve never had the experience. If you have the availability and opportunity to show love to your children, please reach out, no matter who your children are, where they are, or what they have done. We still need your love, even if we don’t admit it.

I’ve seen fathers sacrifice time with their family for career, calling or ministry. You need to work to provide for your family, but there needs to be a balance as to how much of your time goes to work and family, especially when you have growing children. Giving them only the leftovers of your busy day won’t do. Children need your attention daily for at least one to two hours a day, if you are to have a healthy and blossoming relationship.

Happy Father’s Day Dad, and to all Fathers out there.

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Finding Purpose in the Seasons of Life

When it becomes normal, I’m dancing!

When Singlehood becomes normal, you find yourself dancing in the rhythm of this gracious gift. Singlehood is not some ‘disease’ to be cured with marriage. It is a gift that you’re meant to treasure, study, nurture, nourish, prune, maximise and allow it to grow you into what it is intended, and take you to the next stage (whatever it is that God has planned).

Yes, I am dancing…

My feet racing to him
My hands in total surrender
My body longing to fall in his arms
My mind travelling a thousand miles searching for his countenance
My heart pounding with unending love
Oh, how I want to dance, dance in the fire of Your love.

I feel a constant burning
Like fire in my heart
It cuts through, awakening my soul and stirring my spirit
The fire of love burning in me
Leaving me hungry and yearning to be in Your presence
Oh, how I want to dance, dance in the fire of Your love.