He was among those sent to arrest Him.
The warrant must be executed.
They went armed to seize Him.
What they didn’t know, no fight or force was needed to take Him.
He gave himself, willingly, to fulfil the prophecy about Him and the Father’s will.

Running towards Him to carry out the arrest, he watched Him stand still, unmoved by what was about to happen; not that He couldn’t stop it, but the fulfilment of prophecy was greater than the pain He bears.
Before he could lay his hands on Him, he felt a sharp cut running off his right ear. The adrenaline rush of pain and agony racing through his brain was inexplicable. Feeling his heart stop and his body trembling, he fell to his knees as the pain became unbearable for Malchus.

Malchus! When hate and rage met with LOVE!

Afraid to confirm what he knew, placing his hand on his right ear, but it was gone. With his hand covered in blood, he screamed in pain.
Right there, the Master reached him and fixing the unconditional gaze of love into his eyes, He placed His hand on the right ear and restored it.
His gaze penetrates the heart of a broken yet redeemable soul.
Speechless, he couldn’t stop looking into His eyes.
Malchus felt seen and known by the eyes that locked with his soul.

Why was his ear restored?
Why is his heart burning with inexplicable sensations?
Why such love from a Man he received orders to arrest?
Why show him compassion and mercy when he had come to exercise the grip of the fierce law of the accusers?
Why was the warrant made in the first place?

Though little is known and said about him to us, yet one thing I know, Malchus never recovered from his Gethsemane experience!
Gethsemane, a place of encounter and surrender!
May this Good Friday unveil the REAL meaning of His surrender Life to save humanity, especially, You.
Wherever you are, Jesus’ LOVE can reach you, and He is waiting for your surrender to His unconditional Love and Sacrifice.
The Gethsemane event written, prophesied, and brought into fulfilment for you.

Thank You, LORD, for loving us this much.
Malchus! When hate and rage met with LOVE!

Would you receive His Love and Sacrifice today?

Have a Blessed Good Friday and Easter!

Racing my Feet!

Tired, exhausted, overwhelmed, and fatigued but unable to race my feet to the bed.

The busyness of our day-to-day lives takes a heavy toll on our well-being and sanity. Unfortunately, we lost touch with stocktaking, ignored our body signals, and overlooked the subtle gripping fatigue eating our inside gradually. We say lots of water and a few good night sleep will fix it. But here we are, months down the line, still struggling to keep our balance, fighting tooth and nail to get our bodies moving even while they feel stuck on the island of overwork and rest deprivation.

We have so wired our system to rush and keep going that it has become part of our everyday life. And it becomes so habitual it looks strange when we opt to slow down. I say it this way, ‘rushing is a recipe for a crash.’ We are too busy yet getting unproductive with our time and season. I’ll take a hit on this one. That might be true for you too.

I feel a lot of us are so burnt out in the routine system that we can’t even stop to acknowledge that our reserve is gone. Empty!

Sometimes I feel the phrase ‘go-getters’ is abused rather than used to profit our wellbeing. You hear people say, ‘I am a go-getter, she’s a go-getter, he’s a go-getter,’ and it becomes this powerful and job-catching description on our resumes that gets employers rushing to have us on their teams. But if we are honest, that phrase is so over-amplified that our well-being is crying out of suffocation from its impact.

You know, I have never been a fan of the ‘go-getter’ family, but unknowingly it was my drive. And it drove me to the point of fatigue and exhaustion all because I didn’t want to let people down until when I landed on the island of deprivation. Then I began to question all that rush and go-getter mentality, but at this time, I had hit rock bottom. It was there I saw so many familiar faces gasping for air, rest, and rejuvenation. We could have avoided all these if we’d projected our health above our careers, schedules, and businesses. They say a healthy mind is a healthy body, and without a healthy body, aspirations, dreams, passion, and career achievements seem out of reach.

I don’t want to race my feet anymore. I want to lead and guide them purposefully in my daily tasks and chores and gradually into God’s destiny for me in good health, backed by a balanced lifestyle of well-being, wholeness, and healthy productivity.

He said I have come that you may have life and have it more abundantly. So live the life Jesus came to give. Don’t rush life! Rushing is a recipe for a crash. And some come with lasting damages and consequences.

Come to Me, all you who labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.

Are you rushing life’s daily schedule rather than living the abundant life He has for you?

Comments are welcome.

Finishing through the Scars!

Sometimes finishing well doesn’t necessarily mean finishing strong.
You can finish strong but not according to purpose.
However, finishing well according to purpose can come with scars, aches, tears, and possibly rare moments of laughter.
How did you finish 2022? Is it on high notes or low, with tears or lots of laughter?
My 2022 was challenging, with many tears, disappointments, and rejection. However, God was right by my side, journeying with me through those low seasons.

At the beginning of the lows, hope was scarce, patience was painful, faith got shaken, and perseverance was out of reach. It took God’s divine intervention to pull me out of a long tunnel of hurt, anxiety, and emotional run down. From December 2021 to July 2022, those seven months were painful. Then the light of breakthrough began to crack through my dark tunnel and gradually overtook and outlasted the tough seasons.

I still came out with some scars and aches, but the remaining five months of 2022 brought back laughter, joy, healing, unlimited opportunities, new beginnings, and the job I desired amid the scars. I called them the five months of grace, God’s grace. He kept me through it all, and now I am grateful for His mercies. Though I would love to have smashed more goals and achievements, purpose kept me aligned.

As I look on to 2023 with a grateful expectation of God’s plans and the journey chiselled for me, I can only say, ‘let your will be done, Lord.’

How was your 2022? Irrespective of the ups and downs, God is faithful to see you through life’s journey if you’ll let Him do so for you.

To all my readers and followers, ‘thank you’ for reading and following this Blog website. I am grateful to have every one of you on this page.
Have a blessed and purpose-filled 2023.
May joy, laughter, good health, and peace guide your footsteps throughout the New Year.


A Leap of Faith!

I’ve heard it said many times, and often in a sermon, ‘Take a leap of faith.’
It sounds encouraging hearing it served to someone else. However, when it is your turn, or you find yourself in a situation where you have to walk in it, that will take some courage-wrecking effort to brave the first step. It’s like a journey into the unknown. You got hit with a situation that demands the testing of your faith to step into waters with no idea what its temperature is or the current controlling its speed and capacity.

I found myself in a situation where I either take the step of faith into the unknown or tarry to see everything straighten up first. What do you do, or how do you respond when you find yourself amid uncertainty?
We always know the answer to give someone in a similar circumstance but then fail to walk through those answers when the table turns around our path. When I think about the word ‘FAITH,’ it is an action word. You can’t say you have faith without acting on it. It needs to be followed by your action as proof of what you are testifying.

I don’t mind leaping from one end to another as long as I can see the opposite end where I will land. But when it’s a faith leap, you don’t know where it will land you, or you may not even like where it will take you. That’s why it’s called faith! It is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things NOT SEEN. Yeah, I said it.
Well, it’s not faith if you can see it before moving. It is only faith when you don’t see it yet believe it.

Now, I must tell you that is where I find myself this season, and honestly, it is unsettling, frightening and at times very overwhelming. Your mind will tell you it is not a place to tarry in, especially with the uncertainty surrounding our World, but you need to remind yourself or have people around you who will remind you that our faith is in The One (Jesus) who holds the Universe. It’s okay if I don’t know what tomorrow holds as I leap into the unknown by faith, but I know The One (Jesus) who holds tomorrow. And as I leap, my faith is not tied to the place I may land but in The One who holds my future.

Have you ever taken the leap of faith? Or are you in a situation challenging you to take a leap of faith? Remember, if God is in it, you are never alone. He has gone ahead of you to straighten the crooked places and smoothen the rough paths. Trust Him as you take that leap.

Comments are welcome.

At the Scent of Water!

There she was empty, thirsty, and lost. She was looking for something that no one could give her. Her thirsty soul vibrates anytime someone brings the past to remembrance. The weight of her anger fills the emptiness of her soul. Nothing anyone says or do could move her to reason beyond the periscope of her vision. She has refused to accept perspective from any differing thoughts to hers. It must be her way or no other way.
Her mission was revenge at all costs. No one was going to convince her otherwise. She breathes and walks in vengeance each day which is the only motivation that keeps her alive. The eyes of her hungry soul can only be satisfied when she smells the closeness of revenge.

You can judge her if you want, but you can never understand what it feels like walking in her shoes. You can never understand the pain of her loss or the nightmares interrupting her life for over two decades after witnessing the horrible death of her father.
She has grown so used to their regular visits that she built a residential castle in the depth of her soul for the familiar nightmares. Her mother and loved ones had pleaded with her on countless occasions, but they never made it to the hearing of her ears. Why can’t they leave her to carry out her mission? She is at the crossroad of a dead end and has no desire to collide with mercy or forgiveness. Where was mercy when her world got shattered decades ago?

Unforgiveness and bitterness were the cancer of her heart. And singlehandedly, she has nursed and nurtured them at her breast. It’s been a long route for her to boycott now. Not now, not ever.
When love came knocking, it was a battle to win her heart. Letting down her guard will exhibit the vulnerability of her empty, angry soul. So she pushed love away and had no desire for a relationship.
Let go, Kulema, she heard the inner-gentle whisper of her heart. Kulema, free yourself.

The news of the court proceedings about her revenge didn’t seem to fill the void. Every update widens the vacuum she tries to seal with anger.
Then her health took a toll on her body. Hit with distressing news, the doctor gave her a death sentence. Her days on earth shorten her dream of revenge shattered, her best friends (anger and bitterness) couldn’t provide any comfort but rage and despair.
Helpless lying on her bed, she asked for water, but it couldn’t quench her. She asked for a cuppa, but its warmth couldn’t satisfy her inner thirst.

‘Unlock the prisoners you have held captive in your heart Kulema, her mother whispers. They cannot help you now. Your brokenness needs mercy and grace. And only The Lord can give you perfect healing, take the weight off your heart, and quench your thirsty soul. He will fill the void with His love and compassion.’ Struggling to come to terms with her mother’s advice, Kulema couldn’t comprehend how letting go of her revenge plan will save her soul and bring joy into her life.
Then she heard her Mum singing her favourite childhood song;
“Let Your Living Water flow over my soul
Let Your Holy Spirit come and take control
Of every situation that has troubled my mind
All my cares and burdens on to you I roll.”
Her Dad’s best song and one he taught her at the age of six. Now hearing her Mum sing that song, Kulema broke into tears, rolled-off her bed and fell on her knees sobbing. ‘Daddy, I missed you so much it hurts. Why did you leave me behind? Why did the arm robbers kill you?’
Her Mum knelt next to her and wrapped her arms around her. Falling into her arms and onto her chest, she cried even louder, why Mummy. Why did Daddy leave us so soon? ‘We will see him again one day, her Mum replied. But for now, I need you to forgive those men and free yourself from this heavy burden.’ I tried Mum, but I can’t do it on my own. ‘Yes, you are right. You can not do it alone. Hand it over to The Lord.’ “Vengeance is mine, says the Lord.” He will fight for you and heal your troubled heart. Please, Kulema, free yourself from this prison of anger, bitterness and revenge.’

Mum, I have wasted over two decades of my life with no friends but on a mission against the families of those men who ended Dad’s life. How can I get those wasted years back? I am almost 30 and spent over 1/3 of my life in this prison. Now I got a life-threatening report from the doctor. Where do I start? Every good thing in me died when Dad left us. I don’t know what forgiveness feels like, and I don’t have joy. Laughter left me decades ago, I have no friends, and I don’t know how to start again or get up from this dead-end.

Staring into space, her Mum replied, “For there is hope for a tree if it is cut down, that it will sprout again and that its tender shoots will not cease. Though its root may grow old in the earth, and its stump may die in the ground, yet at the scent of water, it will bud and bring forth branches like a plant.” Let the river of His love flow over the desert places of your heart. And His living water into the wilderness of your soul, to give drink to your barren life, and watch Him birth a new life in you henceforth.
Mum, I want this living water.
‘He is right here with you, Kulema. Jesus has never left your side. “Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and dine with him, and he with Me.” Just call on Him, Kulema my child.’

Are you in a desert place?
Do you feel stuck in a wilderness situation?
Has anger and bitterness left you in a barren land?
Open the doors of your heart to Jesus, and let His Living Water flow into every area of your life. There is no situation He cannot turn around and birth something new and beautiful.

Comments are welcome.

Worthy of the Calling!

We are all called at different seasons in life’s journey. Some got called centuries and decades ago, while others came into the fold this season. However, we are all given the same mandate: Matthew 28:19-20.
It is unwise to compare and analyse who came early or late and whether the same reward applies. We have been given the guarantee and promise of eternal life with Christ. So whether you were in the vineyard for over four decades or you just came in this minute, our mandate, ‘the great commission,’ is the same: Go ye into the world.

In our callings, we have been gifted with abilities and capabilities to ‘go ye’ operating in our areas of giftings to fulfil the mandate. Just as the first called who have gone ahead, we too are admonished to be faithful in this mandate mission.
Our perfect example in Hebrews 3:1 is the Lord Jesus Christ, who was faithful to God who appointed Him. He has called us with a holy calling according to His purpose and grace. We are encouraged to REMAIN in the same ‘calling’ He has called us.

The question; ‘What is that calling He has called you into to operate? What are the abilities and capabilities He has given you to operate in that call to enable you to fulfil the mandate commission?’ Remain in that call, do not seek to exit. Do not compare your call with someone else.
Do not detest your call because it does not look like another person. Do not abandon your call because someone else’s looks more polished and glittering than yours.
Remain in your ‘calling’ and be faithful! Do not despise the days of small beginnings.

Not all of us get called to major platforms. Some of us are sent to the unreached, the ordinary and unknown areas within our society, our families, our local community, or to that next-door neighbour you find unbearing. These are some of our ‘go ye’ places.
But most of us don’t want to start in those areas because they are too mundane. We reason that no one sees us in such places if we exercise the mandate. Oh yes, God sees us, and He is the only audience we need. So be FAITHFUL and WALK worthy of the Calling, with all lowliness, gentleness, longsuffering, bearing with one and other in love, endeavouring to keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace.
Yes, I know we all fall short of His glory often. But we can ask for the help of the Holy Spirit to enable us to Walk Worthy of our Calling.

Have you responded to the call? Or are you struggling in your calling? Sufficient grace is made available for us when we ask.
Comments are welcome

The Encounter!

Even though she was caught, humiliated, dragged and exposed
Scold and thrown at the feet of the Master
Judgement yelling out, the voice of sentence impatiently waiting
The amplified actions of the accusers all inline to exercise the well-deserved verdict
Yet, unmoved, His silence stills the atmosphere
His question stirring heartfelt conviction
The actions and impatient voices of the jury disappears in silence
One after the other, they guiltily depart

Turning towards her, fixing unfailing gaze of love into her eyes
His question penetrating her bare soul
Seeing past her and into the vulnerability of her sinful life
She felt seen and known by the eyes that locked with the eyes of her soul
Seen, known, yet forgiven and loved, His reassuring voice sends her home hungry and thirsty for the life and love that only He could give
An encounter of inner transformation bursting from the inside, radiating all over her
A life-changing experience with Mercy and Grace, birthing a new person in her, she never thought possible

How could this be?
Why was my verdict exchanged with mercy?
Why was Grace and Love my life sentence?
He sees me beyond what the jury could see
He knows me beyond what the jury knew
He heard my remorse soul and contrite heart beyond the words the jury chose to hear
He forgave me beyond what the jury could bear
I felt washed with the words from His mouth
I was justified and sent away with the gift of new life
Encountering forgiveness, love, life and His light of newness, sent me on a pathway of faith hungering and thirsting for Him each given day
Oh, The Saviour of my soul, The One who redeems me, Jesus my LORD, why me, I could never understand, but I am grateful You chose me.
Thank You, Lord, for loving me this much.

Inspired by John 8:1-11


Love’s Unconditional Rescue!

When the raging storm rises, and the turbulence hits hard;
When the battle becomes fierce, ideas escape my mind, and nothing seems reachable;
The many times I've lost all hope near shipwrecking in the middle of nowhere with no sight of a saving lighthouse to beckon me safely back to shore, love's unconditional rescue was just a prayer away.
Still amazed at how You saved me and forgave me.
Your saving grace never fails to reach the lowest places in our lives. 
Your unconditional love breaks through hard hearts and melts our defensive mountains. Why You love me so I can never comprehend from this end, but I know one day in Eternity, You'll tell me all about it. 
Your Name, gentle and sweet yet powerful to save, deliver and defend.
Loving unconditionally is who You are and how You have loved and still loves me.
You who reign in eternity, engraved in the palms of your hands, is my life.
You who know all things, see all things and hear all things, I am amazed that You would love and heal me.
The times I've been lost in thoughts, afflicted by pain and weakness, You revived my soul and strengthened my bones.
You are my hiding place, my refuge, my fortress and place of safety.
My heart is humming a new song;
My eyes, filled with tears of gratitude;
My feet, dancing to the rhythm of a song that only You know;
My body, moving towards the wind of Your glory;
My shoulders, heavy with the weight of your presence;
My mouth, uttering words that only you can understand;
I love, love, love You, LORD Jesus;
You are LOVE and have unconditionally rescued me again and again.

Wherever you are, Jesus can rescue you. It’s never too late. He’s just a call away.

Thank you to all my readers on this Blog Site. May the year 2022 bring healing, wholeness and fill you with love unconditional.
Don't be afraid to love and receive Jesus' unfailing love for you.


Where I long for!

There is a place I long for
Covered with white and gold
Shinning beyond the brightness of the sun
Oh, I keep dreaming of this place the mouth cannot express nor can the mind comprehend the grandness of its glory or the magnitude of its beauty
Where the lion is a gentle friend and its roar beckoning with love
That day I will stand in Your presence, dressed in pure white and gold, dancing unconditionally in Your Glory

There is a void I cannot fill
I’ve given it all I could but still empty
I’ve covered it up with all things but still empty
I’ve spoken to it and commanded it to be filled but still empty
I’ve filled it with tears but still empty
I’ve poured laughter in it but still empty

There is a place I long for beyond the skies
Beyond where the waters meet cloud
Beyond where the sky and the sea meet, the early morning horizon
Where the rising sun kisses the cloud and sets itself above, displaying the magnitude of its lustre

Oh, I keep seeing a place that is out of reach from this side of eternity
A place so magnificent and glorious
A place, I see, every time I close my eyes
A place I long to behold, touch, feel and walk
This thirst I cannot quench, even if I finish the waters in the ocean
A desire strong and deep I cannot control
This thirst that flesh cannot feel nor can satisfy
A longing so beyond the touch of the flesh

My heart longs for Your presence
How did I lose it
Why did I ever let go, Lord
Why did I walk away and leave the way I did
How can I come back
I need to come back for my saneness
My heart is broken and, my soul longing
Please take me back into Your arms
Never let me go even when I feel weak and troubled

I don’t know how to come back
I can’t figure out the path
I’ve been so long gone that I cannot remember how to get back home
Home is in Your presence, and Your presence is LIFE

Oh, I keep dreaming of this place the mouth cannot express nor can the mind comprehend the grandness of its glory or the magnitude of its beauty
Where the lion is a gentle friend and its roar beckoning with love
That day I will stand in Your presence, dressed in pure white and gold, dancing unconditionally in Your Glory