He was among those sent to arrest Him.
The warrant must be executed.
They went armed to seize Him.
What they didn’t know, no fight or force was needed to take Him.
He gave himself, willingly, to fulfil the prophecy about Him and the Father’s will.

Running towards Him to carry out the arrest, he watched Him stand still, unmoved by what was about to happen; not that He couldn’t stop it, but the fulfilment of prophecy was greater than the pain He bears.
Before he could lay his hands on Him, he felt a sharp cut running off his right ear. The adrenaline rush of pain and agony racing through his brain was inexplicable. Feeling his heart stop and his body trembling, he fell to his knees as the pain became unbearable for Malchus.

Malchus! When hate and rage met with LOVE!

Afraid to confirm what he knew, placing his hand on his right ear, but it was gone. With his hand covered in blood, he screamed in pain.
Right there, the Master reached him and fixing the unconditional gaze of love into his eyes, He placed His hand on the right ear and restored it.
His gaze penetrates the heart of a broken yet redeemable soul.
Speechless, he couldn’t stop looking into His eyes.
Malchus felt seen and known by the eyes that locked with his soul.

Why was his ear restored?
Why is his heart burning with inexplicable sensations?
Why such love from a Man he received orders to arrest?
Why show him compassion and mercy when he had come to exercise the grip of the fierce law of the accusers?
Why was the warrant made in the first place?

Though little is known and said about him to us, yet one thing I know, Malchus never recovered from his Gethsemane experience!
Gethsemane, a place of encounter and surrender!
May this Good Friday unveil the REAL meaning of His surrender Life to save humanity, especially, You.
Wherever you are, Jesus’ LOVE can reach you, and He is waiting for your surrender to His unconditional Love and Sacrifice.
The Gethsemane event written, prophesied, and brought into fulfilment for you.

Thank You, LORD, for loving us this much.
Malchus! When hate and rage met with LOVE!

Would you receive His Love and Sacrifice today?

Have a Blessed Good Friday and Easter!

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