Private: New Book – Beyond The Shadows

I’ve told my story in the hope it will inspire someone to move beyond the shadows of despair, regret and self-negation, into the sunshine of hope, faith, purpose and success.

If you are reading this in the midst of a difficult situation, I hope you will find encouragement to dream beyond your present calamity to a future worth fighting for. More than that, I hope you will remember that you are not alone. We all walk this same journey, and no matter where we find ourselves or what we face along the way, we can find the inspiration and courage to start again and arrive at a worthy conclusion.

I am still young, but I have had an eventful life with many creases on my tapestry. I have been awed to see many of these creases ironed out one after the other. Like all of us, I am a work in progress, but I am encouraged by what I have seen God do so far in my life and I am hopeful for what He will do in the future.

Come walk with me, as I tell you my story of stepping beyond the shadows and finding hope and courage to create new seasons of life.

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Beyond The Shadows -Finding hope and the courage to create new seasons of life

Cecelia Catherine bravely bares her soul in this Chronicle you are about to read. Real life struggles, unforeseen complications and unpredicted course of events. Beyond the Shadows is simply a story of LOVE, of GRACE that redeems, restores and of HOPE that never fails.


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