A Leap of Faith!

I’ve heard it said many times, and often in a sermon, ‘Take a leap of faith.’
It sounds encouraging hearing it served to someone else. However, when it is your turn, or you find yourself in a situation where you have to walk in it, that will take some courage-wrecking effort to brave the first step. It’s like a journey into the unknown. You got hit with a situation that demands the testing of your faith to step into waters with no idea what its temperature is or the current controlling its speed and capacity.

I found myself in a situation where I either take the step of faith into the unknown or tarry to see everything straighten up first. What do you do, or how do you respond when you find yourself amid uncertainty?
We always know the answer to give someone in a similar circumstance but then fail to walk through those answers when the table turns around our path. When I think about the word ‘FAITH,’ it is an action word. You can’t say you have faith without acting on it. It needs to be followed by your action as proof of what you are testifying.

I don’t mind leaping from one end to another as long as I can see the opposite end where I will land. But when it’s a faith leap, you don’t know where it will land you, or you may not even like where it will take you. That’s why it’s called faith! It is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things NOT SEEN. Yeah, I said it.
Well, it’s not faith if you can see it before moving. It is only faith when you don’t see it yet believe it.

Now, I must tell you that is where I find myself this season, and honestly, it is unsettling, frightening and at times very overwhelming. Your mind will tell you it is not a place to tarry in, especially with the uncertainty surrounding our World, but you need to remind yourself or have people around you who will remind you that our faith is in The One (Jesus) who holds the Universe. It’s okay if I don’t know what tomorrow holds as I leap into the unknown by faith, but I know The One (Jesus) who holds tomorrow. And as I leap, my faith is not tied to the place I may land but in The One who holds my future.

Have you ever taken the leap of faith? Or are you in a situation challenging you to take a leap of faith? Remember, if God is in it, you are never alone. He has gone ahead of you to straighten the crooked places and smoothen the rough paths. Trust Him as you take that leap.

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2 thoughts on “A Leap of Faith!”

  1. Leap of faith!woooow you said it well my sister, this is very true! for we never think deeply about the word but through your beautiful work you got me thinking till now. Grateful for this gift you have in you. May God bless you for us ❤️
    Amazing work! I love it! And can’t wait for more 😊


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