Finishing through the Scars!

Sometimes finishing well doesn’t necessarily mean finishing strong.
You can finish strong but not according to purpose.
However, finishing well according to purpose can come with scars, aches, tears, and possibly rare moments of laughter.
How did you finish 2022? Is it on high notes or low, with tears or lots of laughter?
My 2022 was challenging, with many tears, disappointments, and rejection. However, God was right by my side, journeying with me through those low seasons.

At the beginning of the lows, hope was scarce, patience was painful, faith got shaken, and perseverance was out of reach. It took God’s divine intervention to pull me out of a long tunnel of hurt, anxiety, and emotional run down. From December 2021 to July 2022, those seven months were painful. Then the light of breakthrough began to crack through my dark tunnel and gradually overtook and outlasted the tough seasons.

I still came out with some scars and aches, but the remaining five months of 2022 brought back laughter, joy, healing, unlimited opportunities, new beginnings, and the job I desired amid the scars. I called them the five months of grace, God’s grace. He kept me through it all, and now I am grateful for His mercies. Though I would love to have smashed more goals and achievements, purpose kept me aligned.

As I look on to 2023 with a grateful expectation of God’s plans and the journey chiselled for me, I can only say, ‘let your will be done, Lord.’

How was your 2022? Irrespective of the ups and downs, God is faithful to see you through life’s journey if you’ll let Him do so for you.

To all my readers and followers, ‘thank you’ for reading and following this Blog website. I am grateful to have every one of you on this page.
Have a blessed and purpose-filled 2023.
May joy, laughter, good health, and peace guide your footsteps throughout the New Year.


2 thoughts on “Finishing through the Scars!”

  1. Glory be to God for all the works He has done for you. He is a faithful God😌 and may His face shine upon you in this new year🥳🥳


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