Trapped, How did we get here?

Here a little and there a little. One more, and that should be fine.
Not bad. Once in a while, you need some distraction. It’s been a busy week, so rest and relax. After all, you deserve a switch off from a hectic schedule. Familiar phrases, right? And to be honest, we all need to hear these phrases from time to time.
The danger is when they become habits that replace life principles we have guarded and live by to keep a life of integrity, honesty, truth and faithfulness in our faith journey.

For so long, I’ve been rigid with my time making sure I use my free time productively to harness the gifts in me and pursue purpose. A principle of godly and moral productivity to do away with idleness. It worked for so long that I hardly had time for extra social activities. I enjoyed every bit of the time spent digging into an untapped talent or creative passion that I’ve never realised or left dormant for some reason. Then I decided to take a break, relax, switch off for a while, slow down the hectic principle of pursuing purpose. Take a break, please. Don’t I deserve it?

Well, that break was a trap. Compromises started creeping in, and the break became a comfortable place. So the mind started exploring things that were not of interest. Morally unacceptable. But come on, I know what is wrong and what is right. After all am an adult, right. Just a little bit of this and that won’t pull me away. Am anchored firmly, remember. It’s not backsliding.
Don’t they all start this way? A little bit of letting down our guards and a little bit of turning around shifting focus is all you need to start straying away from a path that keeps you accountable, faithful, and grounded to pursue purpose? I thought I was relaxing, but girl, it was a trap. A snare I fell into which not only took my focus away from pursuing divine purpose but almost dried the well of my ever-flowing source of inspiration and divine creativity.

Compromises, don’t we all fall for them. A little here, and a little there, it doesn’t have to be something big. All it takes is a focus shifting to what is rightly okay but strategically distractive for where we are heading.

Where have you let your guard down? What compromises that presents ‘okay’ are you in right now? How strayed are you from the path of purpose? What’s that comfortable place stealing your productivity? Is your integrity in question? What’s the percentage level of truth and accountability in your life?
These are the questions I asked myself and being sincere with where I am now, compared to where I should have been, had I stayed focus and undistracted. How did I get here? It is a dry convicting, and empty place to be when I know within the right path.

As I sit on my bed each night to take stock of the day’s events and how I’ve spent my time, I begin to evaluate on my percentage scale. How much have I given to idleness, productivity and truth? Was I faithful to the timeframe for each task given to me? Sometimes I get a few smiles back. But most times, I get tears back. How did I get here, how could I have done that, why did I say it that way, how did I miss that?
I don’t know about you but, I am tired of compromises.
I need to refocus on God’s plan and path for my life. And I need His help to get out of this ‘place.’

Where are you now? How did you get there?
There is a way out. Let God help you out and position you back on the right path and purpose for your life.

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1 thought on “Trapped, How did we get here?”

  1. Comment by Adeola Oluyomi. 18.10.21.
    ‘So relatable! When the enemy cant trap us by doing the wrong things, he goes after our TIME and time wasted can never be regained- we can catch up but at a Higher Cost and sometimes we may have missed opportunities that may take a while to come back round to us… the Holy Spirit is our HELPER to enable us strike a beautiful balance.
    Thanks for this’


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