The Pain of Unfairness!

When the pain of unfairness cuts so deep, where can I run?
Where can I hide?
Why play the ‘favourite card?’

You pour your heart
You give your all
You empty your soul
The acts of unfairness become your reward

You offer loyalty
You show yourself faithful
You use all your strength
You pour until you have nothing left
But you are asked to keep giving

You give until you feel the dryness consume everything
How much more can I give and not break?
How much more can I pour and not faint?
Oh, Lord, help!

You empty until the pain of emptiness aches
Yet their reaction shows you don’t deserve a refilling
Haven’t I given enough?

Your strength is gone
Your shouting echos back to you like the rhythm of an unknown song
You are left to dance to the tune of unfairness

But when the shouting is gone, and the song is no more
You are back to face the pain
Yes, unfairness cuts deep when a selected few are privileged to taste the freshness of refilling, nurturing, pruning, and mentoring

Lord, please let it pass
Let me find rest and refilling in You
You are a Fair and Just God

I know You love me, and I find my strength to carry on in Your Love.

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