These Shoes have a Story to Tell!

If you have never walked in my shoes, you will never understand the process of my transformation. At times the journey to destiny can be so intense if you dare embark on it half-prepared, and with the wrong SHOES.
From one end of the road to the other may look straightforward but what we may not know or see are the hidden potholes and fierce struggles in the ‘in-between’ stages of the journey. Often, these ‘in-between’ phases can tick the OKAY box when looking from a distance until when you start the journey and encounter a BUMP halfway through.
In most cases, the centre part of the journey proves to be the toughest that can push you to back off.
In my case, yes, the storm raged on me, and the waves beat me hard. But I had to push myself and walk the walk to the end. It was not a journey to abort. My life and sanity were at stake. I had to reassess my preparedness and checked I had the right armour to help me to the end. Though the journey was long and the in-between stages tedious, but I needed it for my transformation to be complete. And my brokenness to be restored.

The remoulding of my life’s journey was painful, my pride got ripped off, my know-hows escaped my memory, and my patience stretched. I had to learn perseverance while my heart was going through purification to cleanse the debris caused by my messed up wrong choices.

The detoxing of my soul took so long that I doubted I can ever heal from the pain and guilt. But it was my denial in admitting I needed help, that prolonged the journey. Now I learned that the detoxing of the soul only happens when we accept the truth that we need help, whether medical, spiritual, emotional, psychological or physical.

If my story was just for ONE person, then am glad I told it.

What is that journey you are struggling to take? What is that walk your feet are weary to finish? What is that pain, guilt or shame you are holding on? I know a Redeemer, a Healer and a Saviour (Jesus).

Comments are welcome.

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