The Encounter!

Even though she was caught, humiliated, dragged and exposed
Scold and thrown at the feet of the Master
Judgement yelling out, the voice of sentence impatiently waiting
The amplified actions of the accusers all inline to exercise the well-deserved verdict
Yet, unmoved, His silence stills the atmosphere
His question stirring heartfelt conviction
The actions and impatient voices of the jury disappears in silence
One after the other, they guiltily depart

Turning towards her, fixing unfailing gaze of love into her eyes
His question penetrating her bare soul
Seeing past her and into the vulnerability of her sinful life
She felt seen and known by the eyes that locked with the eyes of her soul
Seen, known, yet forgiven and loved, His reassuring voice sends her home hungry and thirsty for the life and love that only He could give
An encounter of inner transformation bursting from the inside, radiating all over her
A life-changing experience with Mercy and Grace, birthing a new person in her, she never thought possible

How could this be?
Why was my verdict exchanged with mercy?
Why was Grace and Love my life sentence?
He sees me beyond what the jury could see
He knows me beyond what the jury knew
He heard my remorse soul and contrite heart beyond the words the jury chose to hear
He forgave me beyond what the jury could bear
I felt washed with the words from His mouth
I was justified and sent away with the gift of new life
Encountering forgiveness, love, life and His light of newness, sent me on a pathway of faith hungering and thirsting for Him each given day
Oh, The Saviour of my soul, The One who redeems me, Jesus my LORD, why me, I could never understand, but I am grateful You chose me.
Thank You, Lord, for loving me this much.

Inspired by John 8:1-11


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