Love’s Unconditional Rescue!

When the raging storm rises, and the turbulence hits hard;
When the battle becomes fierce, ideas escape my mind, and nothing seems reachable;
The many times I've lost all hope near shipwrecking in the middle of nowhere with no sight of a saving lighthouse to beckon me safely back to shore, love's unconditional rescue was just a prayer away.
Still amazed at how You saved me and forgave me.
Your saving grace never fails to reach the lowest places in our lives. 
Your unconditional love breaks through hard hearts and melts our defensive mountains. Why You love me so I can never comprehend from this end, but I know one day in Eternity, You'll tell me all about it. 
Your Name, gentle and sweet yet powerful to save, deliver and defend.
Loving unconditionally is who You are and how You have loved and still loves me.
You who reign in eternity, engraved in the palms of your hands, is my life.
You who know all things, see all things and hear all things, I am amazed that You would love and heal me.
The times I've been lost in thoughts, afflicted by pain and weakness, You revived my soul and strengthened my bones.
You are my hiding place, my refuge, my fortress and place of safety.
My heart is humming a new song;
My eyes, filled with tears of gratitude;
My feet, dancing to the rhythm of a song that only You know;
My body, moving towards the wind of Your glory;
My shoulders, heavy with the weight of your presence;
My mouth, uttering words that only you can understand;
I love, love, love You, LORD Jesus;
You are LOVE and have unconditionally rescued me again and again.

Wherever you are, Jesus can rescue you. It’s never too late. He’s just a call away.

Thank you to all my readers on this Blog Site. May the year 2022 bring healing, wholeness and fill you with love unconditional.
Don't be afraid to love and receive Jesus' unfailing love for you.


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