Finding Purpose in the Seasons of Life

This Ocean called ‘Life on my OWN’

In my daily struggle of finding out what life is all about and the seasons it brings, am left thinking about what awaits my doorsteps tomorrow.

Often people assumed that being Single means you have lighter worries and burdens, and then place expectations before you. I am not afraid of the responsibilities I face each day. What worries me is the assumptions that I have a whole lot of time available to spare as a Single person, and that I have no demanding chores whatsoever. Now that’s concerning. I wish they were right though. Laughs.

Just for the record, I do not have a whole lot of spare time. I am simply enjoying this season — one step at a time.
I am not afraid of being Single nor jumping into the ocean of ‘life on my own’ and encountering the tasks it brings each day. I love the experience and responsibilities. The fear is that this season may not last long.

As I sit on my kitchen bench enjoying breakfast each morning and later rushing to work, am left thinking. Even when lost in a conversation with a friend, laughing my tears away, cuddle in my quilt with a late night snack, rolling from one side of my bed to the other each night, or waking up in the morning with the singing cockatoos next to my window, am still left thinking how all these might change some day.

Do I want it to change? Yes and no. No, because I love this time of discovery, getting to know who I am, and the things that make me dance in the clouds. Also, yes, if it is His will for me. I don’t know what the experience looks like in the next chapter. I love discovery, and I am not afraid of what the season brings. However, for now, I look forward each day to jumping into this ocean of Singlehood, maximising my potentials, stretching my capacity to explore His manifold greatness in store for me, discovering something new and exciting worth going for, and jumping from the edge of the tallest cliff of His plans for me.

What terrifies me, I mean what scares me is getting caught when I jump. It’s not the fear of falling; it’s the fear of being found as I take off into this adventurous journey.

People often think Single people are scared of being alone. That might be true for some, but the majority I’ve spoken to, it’s the direct opposite. We love our season.

Don’t be afraid of the season, embrace it and live it to the full.

How does your current season feel?

Comments are welcome.


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