Finding Purpose in the Seasons of Life

Get off the Sidelines!

Are you sitting on the sidelines of life?

Have you fallen so hard that you decided the game is over? You retreat from the game and now sitting on the sidelines. Sometimes we find ourselves there because of different reasons; it can be injury, pain, a fault, lack of confidence, feeling defeated, a penalty that threw you off the game, something you did wrong, or perhaps it was not your fault. Whatever it is, you’re not done. Even if you get condemned by the spectators or commentators, you still have a place in the game.

No matter how you feel, whether mocked, written off, cancelled out, tagged worthless, called a failure, lost in depression or locked up in anxiety, you are not OUT. Tap into the power of getting up again. Refuse to reduce yourself to the sidelines. You don’t belong there. Your place is in the GAME.

After being knocked off so many times and thrown out of this beautiful game of Life. I have now discovered the power of getting back up again no matter how many times I’ve fallen or been knocked off by life’s experiences. I refuse to settle for the sidelines.

I am in the process of rewriting my comeback. Will you join me? Just because you are off the game doesn’t mean you can never be back in it.

Write your comeback story. You are not eliminated. Jump back up, face that obstacle, that hurt, that scar, that situation and show it your comeback action. You are a champion made for greatness not failure. You are only a failure if you accept it. Instead, when you fail (we all do at some point in life) and find yourself on the sidelines, see it as an opportunity to refuel and jump back in. You aren’t done YET.

Wherever you are, I encourage you to get off that sideline and jump back into the game. The match isn’t over unless you call it so. Even if people have called it finished, you can start the game all over again. You have a destiny and a future beyond the sidelines, so don’t settle there. Get back up into the destiny game, and head on to that unfolding future ride awaiting your comeback.

See you in the comeback GAME.

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