Finding Purpose in the Seasons of Life

The Identity Search!

We are all stuck at a particular juncture in life searching for meaning, significance, worth and standing or name. It seems like we are in a survival jungle searching for the next button that will give us all the answers and lead us to the next step in life where we emerge a ‘WOW.’ That survivor jungle mode is on the rise!

Looking around each day as I set off on life’s daily routine, all I see is the search for identity in the eyes and appearances of many. We all appear to be lost in transit, somehow.
My question is, ‘why identity?’ Is it a must have or must discover on our ‘to-do’ list? Yes, it is, and this search is so intense that most of us will do anything in and out of our reach to be recognised and acknowledged. It is scary watching this theatrical play in today’s society.

So have you found your identity, or are you still in the search queue? The sad thing for most of us is that we already know who we are, but discontentment and insecurity is the thief robbing us of our self-worth and making us compare with other people, thus the drive for an identity we think is missing for us to be recognised.

At times I think it is attention seeking that drives us into a search that we already know or have the answer, if only we stop and listen to our crying soul for a minute. Everyone wants a name for themselves. Just look at social media, and you’ll understand what I’m saying. It still throws me off guard anytime I see the sacrifices we lay at our devastation all for the name ‘identity.’

There is a collision clatter going on every day around the world. I called it the ‘Identity crisis.’

Mismatched identity is so detrimental that it can cause depression in the human soul. I know this because I’ve been there. But we do it anyway. Most of us know very well that the identity we are pursuing is unhealthy for the soul, but yet we walk right into it with eyes open. I was once a victim. Oh no, more than once.

I was going out of what I knew was right to feel and look like some people and not valuing who I am on the inside. I thought I could only feel good and more appealing when I do what others were doing and look like them. So I entered a particular relationship because I wanted a new identity, even though I knew it was going to be a lifestyle of compromise.
It ended up a very abusive relationship that I can’t tell you how I am standing ‘sane’ and emotionally balanced today if not for the grace of God. Now, you’ll think I’ll learn from that and accept who I was and stay put. But no, I went into another one that looks like a bed of roses from the outside, but the level of ‘give and take’ in that relationship had me packing for the sanity of my soul.

What is driving your identity search? Is it belonging, self-worthlessness, feelings of an outcast, and feeling like a misfit or just pleasure? Mine was for belonging and pleasure, but I paid a dare price for it. One of the greatest cries of the human heart and soul is acceptance. And we’ll do anything for it. We are ready to change our identity to any other no matter what it looks like, as long as we feel accepted in that new colony.

So have you asked yourself these questions, ‘Who am I? Why am I here? What’s my purpose in the here and now season of my life? Where am I going?’ If we can’t answer these questions, then I’m afraid we’ll find ourselves back in the identity queue and falling into the wrong colony different from who we are made to be and live out.

After all the painful ‘trial and error‘ I went through, I’m glad I’ve found my identity in SOMEONE who loves me beyond description. His name is Jesus.

Who are you, really?
Comments are welcome.

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