Finding Purpose in the Seasons of Life

This Tapestry of Life!

What was I thinking? That life was going to be one long journey with few bumps on the road. Was I ever told that putting together the yarn and fabric of my life was going to be easy? Sometimes the needle pierces deep where I don’t expect, and other times it resurrects the hidden unhealed wounds, while the pruning of unwanted edges leaves a painful reaction.

Sometimes life experiences seem unending, with different issues and situations knocking you off anytime you encounter one. In those moments, it is hard to see the good they’ll ever bring. However, I bet some of those experiences made us stronger today to face the next challenge.
For me, I am still overwhelmed at how God is turning the ugly and indescribable mess in my life into a new story of courage, hope and grace.

How He is going to turn this life into a beautiful tapestry only He knows. I look at my life like these yarns; they don’t look anything close to finishing with different individual threads, shades, smell, colour, and touch. Each colour represents a life experience for me, and some colours I don’t like, but why He is putting them together, I have no idea. Should I choose to believe and trust that they will make a beautiful story at the end? That’s a tough one, but am gradually learning to trust Him with the outcome.

Can I see Him weave my scarred life with beautiful colours of grace? Can I see Him in every pain I face, in the brokenness of life, in the depth of sorrow, in the laughter, and through the storm? Can I choose to see Him when I can’t explain my mind or interpret the tantrums going crazy in my thoughts, and stubbornly refusing to make sense? Yes, I can.

I know each chapter of life has a purpose, but I would have love only to see the beautiful seasons weaved together and the ugly ones left out; or believe the ugly stages will add richness in perfecting the masterpiece. Nevertheless, God has assured me that all the colours knit together with a touch of His grace, will shape and reveal the beautiful splendour of the final masterpiece.

Dare I see through the eyes of change and reason through the mind of newness as I watch this tapestry unfold?

Oh yes, I dare myself to see beauty through the scars and His grace unravel in my mess.

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