Finding Purpose in the Seasons of Life

Living & Enjoying Singlehood (Part 2)

Most of the time we rush into marriage because of family pressure, the tension from friends who are already married and wondering what you are still waiting on, and the weight of time and age. My beloved princess, it doesn’t matter if all your friends are married, and you seem to be the only single person amongst them. God’s purpose for your life is different to theirs. So because they are married, doesn’t mean you also have to rush into marriage.

So many young ladies today are rushing into marriage because of the different pressures they face, and therefore, decided to go for ‘anything comes.’ God did not waste His time designing a beautiful princess like you for ‘anything comes’ philosophy. He made you and prepared the best mate fitting only for you princess. So let’s encourage each other as we patiently wait for God’s timing. I always say this, the greatest prayer you can ever pray for a single person is ‘May God’s will be done in their life.’ It shouldn’t be a question of ‘what are you waiting for to get married?’ This births pressure on that person.

It’s heartbreaking for me anytime I hear stories of single sisters and all the pressure they face mainly from friends and family, which drives them to rush into marriage without seeking or understanding God’s purpose for their lives, or even soliciting counsel from mature women in the faith who have been married for years. Maybe someone told them that Singlehood is a state of incompleteness, making them rush into marriage to be or feel complete. That’s not what the Bible says. Come on people, don’t pressure us.

If anything, Singlehood is the most satisfying stage where anyone can go beyond and over in their relationship with God without limits. It is the stage where you can worship and pray anyhow, anywhere and at any time. You can go on fasting, prayer and seek God for as long as you want. You can attend life-changing conferences, seminars, and retreats as many as you want. You can travel on holidays as much as you want. You can sleep as much as you want. Ohh sleeping, tell me about it, I love sleeping. You can have whatever meal you want. And if God so much blesses you, then you can buy the type of car you want or even the house of your dreams. So you tell me, what is incomplete about singlehood?

A man doesn’t complete you. It is Jesus Christ that completes you, and He has made you a whole person. We get disappointed so many times in our relationships because we enter in with expectations of being fulfilled by our fiancé or spouse and when they fail (because they can’t fulfil us), then we get all miserable and heartbroken. So we end up saying all men are like that. Excuse me; all men are not like that; you just got too many expectations that he can’t fulfil because he’s not meant to complete you. You need to understand and believe that God made you a COMPLETE PERSON. So walk in that confidence.

You are a lady for The King! You are His Princess. That’s who you are!

I leave you with a quote from Bishop TD Jakes ‘Are you living a whole life in the absence of someone telling you, you look great, nice or good? Live life, don’t stay on-hold waiting for the life partner to come before you start living life. Each day is a gift God has given you to live life, so live it wholly and enjoy God’s blessings. Find something that interests you and do it.’

And I add, whatever that interest is, whether it’s dancing, acting, singing, bushwalking, writing, swimming, you name it, let it be something you have a passion for and love to do. Engage yourself in that interest or talent and nurture it grow and blossom in greatness.

The Season of Singlehood is a GIFT, and a gift is meant to be loved and enjoyed, so embrace it and enjoy the journey.

You are Single, You are Whole & You are Complete!

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