Finding Purpose in the Seasons of Life

Living & Enjoying Singlehood (Part 3) 

Time! Princess, take your eyes off the calendar and the clock for a while.

The calendar and the clock are two of the most distracting items that Single people battle with on a daily basis. What time is it? How old are you? When is it going to happen? Are you looking and searching around? Don’t try to be picky, just get whoever comes first. These and many more are the type of questions most Single people face in today’s society. Either from family, friends or loved ones, who can’t wait to hear you unravel the news of ‘I’ve found him & he has proposed.’

If we can take our eyes off the calendar and the clock, it will save us a lot of trouble. Ticking the years, counting age, and comparing with one another while worrying when it’s going to happen are giving us constant stress.
Looking at today’s Christian Single ladies, almost 75% are discouraged and tired of searching for a husband. But who told us that it is our job to do the finding, or that is what we should be doing?

Most of us are taking the responsibility of shepherding ourselves desperately into relationships that are out of God’s plan and purpose for our lives because someone told us we are getting older and should be in our matrimonial homes by now. So the pressure leads us to road bumps experiences and relationship crash because we decided to do it by ourselves and not allowing God to bring us into that relationship when the time is right.

The confidence of knowing we are loved by God no matter what the situation presents somehow lacks in our lives. Whether Mr Right comes knocking or not, whether we get married someday or not, the confidence of knowing who we are in God is the ultimate assurance that can set us free from this stigma of not being found by Mr Right, and the pressure of racing the calendar.

There is so much we can do right now with our time rather than consume ourselves looking for that Perfect Man and chasing the clock. Let’s take the attention off ourselves and the calendar, and focus on our King (Jesus). Time and age can never limit God. He gave Sarah a son at the right time even when everyone thought it was too late and impossible. He did the same for Elizabeth and Zechariah.

You and I need to appreciate this Single season of our life and make use of the available time we have to love God profoundly and extensively while using every gift and talent for His Glory. Let your mind rest in the All-Knowing and never changing God of the Universe. He knows you before creating you and has undoubtedly made all things to fall into pleasant places for you at the right time and place.

I know it can be quite confronting when challenged with the question of ‘what are you waiting for and when is Mr Right coming?’ But I want you to remember that God knows the end of a matter before its beginning, so He surely knows you and your desires, and He does know your address and AGE too.

As a sister of mine says, ‘age is in the heart’. You don’t have to be scared or pressured by age and time because either does not limit the God we serve. A quote from the late Myles Munroe says ‘Age is not a qualification for marriage.’ You are not in a waiting class waiting for the right man; you are a precious daughter of a loving King. You are a priceless Princess to the King of all kings.

So I encourage you to live life abundantly and enjoy this gift that has so much to offer if only we stop being captives of the AGE BOX, and release ourselves to start living this SEASON as God gave it to us.
I leave you with the assurance of Ecclesiastes: 3:1 “There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens.”

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