Finding Purpose in the Seasons of Life

Living & Enjoying Singlehood!

Singlehood! What a beautiful gift from God.

Hello everyone, I am going to spend the next two weeks talking about this topic. It is a burden I feel I need to share with my Single ladies out there, and I hope this post encourages you to love your current status as a Single lady.

I am a Single lady, and I love this season of my life. I don’t want to wish it away or trade it for anything else at this moment until when God is ready to take me into the next season of my life. It’s a season I pray to cherish for as long as God has destined it to be because it is the best gift in this stage of life.

Singlehood is not a ‘lonely state’ neither is it an ‘incomplete status.’ There is fulfilment in this season, and the only way to find it is to be in Christ and know your worth in Him. Knowing who you are in Christ makes the difference in this status of life. And because you are single, doesn’t mean that you cannot fulfil your purpose in life.

Never see Singlehood as waiting for ‘BWOG’ (brother-will-of-God) stage, where you sit down dreaming when he is going to come, where he will be coming from, and what nationality, or how tall and muscular he’s going to be, and worrying about the looks. I think doing that, is a waste of precious time that we can use for something else other than wishing the arrival of ‘Mr. Right.’ I am sorry to say, but it is called idleness, and so many of us find ourselves in this scenario. I’ve been there too. We feel life can only be complete when we get married, as some so-called marriage counsellors may have told us. Can I broadcast to you that this is incorrect?

You are a whole and complete person, and a child of God with a purpose to accomplish on planet Earth whether single or not. God did not announce you an incomplete person without a husband. We are complete in Christ Jesus not in a man. So do not waste this period with wishy-washy thoughts and desires. Asked God to reveal to you the purpose of your life, and what He expects of you in this season and do it diligently.

Now, I am not saying not to desire to get married or that you’re not going to have the desire of marriage because it will come naturally to you. It does so many times to me, but I decided not to allow it distract me or take my eyes off what God is leading me to do NOW in this Season. Whenever the thought comes, it’s best to pray about it and commit it to God and ask Him to lead you into it when the time is right. God knows we want to marry someday and if it is His will, for any of us Single ladies, then He will do it in His own time.

Whatever the void is in your life as a reason of what people have told you about your current status, or what you have allowed filled your space of Singlehood, ask God to fill it with His love. Remember the Bible says that Jesus is our husbandman. So we have the best husband in the world. The One that never fails nor disappoints. His love for us is incomparable to anything in this world. God’s love is UNCONDITIONAL towards you. So get filled and wrapped up with His love in the meantime.

A few years ago, I had some upsetting questions from family members asking me ‘what are you waiting for and when is Mr. Right going to come? Haven’t you seen anyone or hasn’t anyone approached you yet?’ A particular family member asked me, ‘don’t you have men in your University or workplace? Do you know you are getting older and may past the flower of your age?’ Oh, my goodness, it was annoying listening to her as all I wanted was for her to stop talking. So I had to reply her by saying ‘I am waiting for God, and I am married to Jesus. Whenever God is ready, He will make it happen!’ Ohh she wasn’t happy with my answer. But I had to take my stand, so she’ll know my opinion, and that I am not bothered with how long it takes in the Singlehood Stage. It is God who calls the shots and decide what His plan is, for every one of His children.

Singlehood is a gift the same way marriage is, and not everyone is endowed with it. God knows you are the best steward of this gift at this stage and that’s why He entrusted it to you. So enjoy this gift called ‘Singlehood’ and live it faithfully.

If you are in this Singlehood Season, I encourage you to get busy seeking your purpose and working towards fulfilling it passionately. Refuse to be discouraged. You are a Princess of The Most High God, and He loves you so dearly that He has consigned this gift of ‘Singlehood’ to you. Please use it wisely and maximise every moment of it.

Remember what He says to you in the Book of Jeremiah 29:11 ‘For I know the plans I have for you, declares the LORD, plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans to give you hope and future.’

More to come next week. Stay tuned.

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