Finding Purpose in the Seasons of Life

Where are you, Woman? Unveil that Princess in You!

A letter to the broken, lost & hurting Women out there!

Today I want to be a voice of encouragement to you all.
To women who have no voice because of the many scenarios of abuse, they went through. The guilt and shame, rejection, terrible past, neglected and broken by one relationship to the other. I have been there, and believe me it wasn’t easy. I got to the point where I condemned myself. I thought my life was heading for shipwreck. But Jesus Christ found me where no one else could reach me, and gave me hope; which is still keeping me today. It took me years to overcome and step out of my broken and messy situation. I was worth saving after all, but only Jesus could, and I am glad He rescued me.

So I want to announce to you, that you are not worthless because of your situation or what you went through. You are a Princess. You are worth loving. You are priceless, irrespective of who you are, where you came from, where you’ve been, what people call you, your race, ethnic, colour or nationality. We are the King’s daughters. Wonderfully crafted and marvellously designed, worth far more than gold and diamonds. Your presence on this earth brings multiplication in the human race. Your womb is made to carry and birth great men and women, presidents, kings, governors, prime ministers and every other person God has brought into this world, was and is through you.

The enemy knows your worth and how powerful and influential you are, so he tries to snatch your life off by sending wolves in sheep clothing. Sometimes he assigns them very early in your life, just to terminate your destiny, other times, he waits until you think you’ve got it all together; then he sends them in like a flood to sweep you off your feet in defeat.
But I encourage you today, to stand up. Look the enemy in the eyes and say enough is enough. For so long you’ve deceived me into believing I was less worth than anything. But now I know who I am in Christ. And I stand and testify, that God made me in His image and after His likeness. I am a precious gem, a princess and daughter of the Great King.

You are loved and worth dying for by the King. And you are worth all the sacrifice that Jesus Christ went through. You are a mighty woman of valour. A royal precious and chosen vessel of honour to The Almighty God. You are created to rule and reign. That’s who you are PRINCESS. That is your new identity. So reject any other contrary to these in Jesus Name.

So I challenge you to ARISE as the Royal Princess you are, shake off the past, the hurt and the shackles that held you bind to your mistakes and circumstances. Stand firm, lift your head up high and look ahead having your focus only on Jesus. The One who never disappoints. The Redeemer and Saviour of your soul. Ask Him to heal your heart and take over your life, and let go of all the past baggage you carry that are weighing you down.

Take a good look at yourself in a mirror and see the stunning Princess God made you. You are not a mistake neither an accident. Be fearless, and know that God has chosen you for such a time as this SEASON. He planned your existence before the foundation of this earth and assigned a purpose fitting only for a Princess like you. He has also promised never to leave you nor forsake you.

Know this; you are a mind-blowing admiration that the world is waiting to see.

So where are you, Woman? Come out of hiding and unveil that Princess in you!

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