Finding Purpose in the Seasons of Life

The Urgency of the Call!

Growing up in the African Community, you learn to discern and recognise an urgent matter by the caller’s tone. I can still remember then when called to do some chores or carry out an assignment; you can tell whether the task is urgent or not by the sound of the call. I am not referring to a phone call, but a visible face to face call where your attention and presence is needed.

When you are called the first time, you analyse its urgency by the tone and weight of the caller’s voice before you take action, and after you do and realise it wasn’t, then you ignore it and hope it doesn’t come the second time. And if it does again, you can still decide to heed or ignore. But in most cases by the time it comes the third time, the intensity of the call will get you running to answer straight away otherwise you experience the outcome.

Living in my neighbourhood, if you’re wise enough, you don’t even wait for the second call, because it can come with sudden gravity or pain. I can tell you stories of my childhood experience with answering a call, but I’ll spare that for now.
Reflecting on most of the scenarios I’ve experienced, I recently asked myself, was it necessary to have gone through such pain just for a simple call. I’ve sustained swollen face, hot bottoms and sore hands or bruised back just because I ignored a first or second call. Quite a few of those calls have resulted in pain and disciplining for me because, in my culture, you dare not give deaf ears to an older adult when they call for you; otherwise you face the music. And I am not talking about dancing you know, am talking about punishment.

You can always define the urgency of a call by the intensity and weight of the caller’s tone.

Most of the earthly calls, come with pressure, pain, sorrow, disappointment or heartbreaks, but we still answer. However, a Calm Loving and Compassionate Voice beckons us to come, yet we prefer to ignore and walk away because we know that Voice is Gentle and won’t react as the human voices do.

There has been a call going on for over 2,000 years ago, and that Voice is still calling but how many are willing to answer. How many will run at the first call and who are those waiting for the second, third or the final round? Some calls don’t come twice; others come with such pain and sorrow that you end up regretting why you didn’t answer at the first time. Which one are you waiting to hear?

The calling Voice has been at it and patiently waiting for you and me, will we heed or turn deaf ears.

The urgency of this call is getting so intensified and weighty in this SEASON, that I don’t think it’s best for anyone to keep ignoring. I pray that we will all answer NOW before it comes with pain, sorrow and ‘had I known’ regrets that are irreversible.

Jesus is the Voice. He has been and is still calling everyone to come to Him.
How many times will you make Him call before you answer?

The LAST call is going on NOW, and the END is at hand.
What are you waiting for and what’s holding you back?

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4 thoughts on “Finding Purpose in the Seasons of Life”

  1. Very timely and thought provoking dear Cath. God bless you in abundance as you continue to be a loud trumpet in these dark times.


  2. Thanks for your faithfulness in following your call and blessing your generation with God’s word. I pray that God’s grace will be multiplied in your life and ministry .


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