Finding Purpose in the Seasons of Life

Your Life, His Vessel!

My post is going to be brief and short this week. I want to leave us with some thought-provoking questions to meditate on as we approach the end of twenty-seventeen.

You and I are God’s vessel, and He created us for His use and purpose. The question is, are we living according to His planned purpose for our lives?

I know you may be tired of me talking about purpose, but sorry I can’t help it.

Jeremiah 18:1–4 is a very challenging passage which leaves me evaluating my life as His vessel. However, the line that is most convicting is verse 4, ‘And the vessel that He made of clay was marred in the hand of the potter; so he made it again into another vessel, as it seems good to the potter to make’. I’ll be talking about the first part of verse 4.

Question 1. What kind of vessel was the initial one before it got marred?
Question 2. Why did the potter mar the vessel?
Question 3. How long was the vessel standing before it got destroyed?

I’ve learnt a lot working with children. Sometimes when you ask them to draw, paint or make blockhouses or whatever, and then you later see them scratch off or dismantle what they initial made and try to redo it, what that tells me is that the initial design wasn’t good enough. Something wasn’t right, and that’s why some of them will take the pain of redoing it again. Just like the Potter remoulding the vessel.

The potter would not mar the vessel for no reason. Something must have gone wrong. Was the vessel serving its purpose? Was it broken or cracked? Was it leaking or just lying down unused, or was it dormant and living a purposeless life? Was the vessel old and rusting, or was it a habitat for bugs and trash?
I asked all of the above to get us thinking. These questions can be applied to our Christian life and examine our walk with God, the ministry He has entrusted into our hands, His purpose and assignment for our lives, the task He gave us, and how we obey and abide with His Word.

Are we operating in the areas God has called us? Are we fulfilling His purpose for our lives, or are we yet to discover His purpose?
Are we obeying His Word and Commandments?
Are we living the life God expects of us?
Are we living an idle life, dormant and being a waste bin for anything that comes along?

Do we have our vessels cracked, broken, leaking and rusty, or is our life scattered around with pieces everywhere?

My prayer is that wherever we are in this RACE, we will acknowledge our state and ask for God’s Grace to do things the right way.

Comments are welcome.

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