Finding Purpose in the Seasons of Life

Life Scars

Life scars! Don’t we all have them?
You can’t dodge scars, no matter what you do. You can put a mask on it, but that’s how far you can go. Though they may not look pleasing, they still remind us of the past and add taste to the testament of our lives. You know how mothers try to protect and are on 24 hours watch guard of their little ones making sure they don’t hurt themselves, but despite all that policing, there comes a time when the child wants to try something unguarded. In the process of doing that, they may fall, trip or hurt themselves but what that teaches them is next time I won’t go that way otherwise I get hurt. So the child quickly learns from that experience to avoid the same mishap.
As humans, we fall so many times, and each scar retained from such scenarios has a story to help someone.

Scars are part of our lives and journey here on earth. They remind us of the ‘how’ and ‘why’ and also add as vital ingredients to the unfolding future ahead.

The scars and marks on His body took away every sickness, disease and pain that could ever afflict humanity.

Some of my scars are scary to reveal or recall. Some are so painful that they still hurt anytime a flashback occurs. I can’t believe I got them and how I got myself into some of them in the first place. These scars are just not physical, but emotional too. The ones that you can’t go back and change, the ones that have done so much damage to your dignity, your personality and your pride. The ones that dig deep into your soul and rob you of your self-worth leaving you worthless. Some of them stand as consequences of my stubbornness and others came along from one season of my life to the other.

I have tried to hide a few of them because that’s what we are good at doing, but some of them are just beyond hiding. Some scars are so visible that anyone who has been down that route before can see them on you. And it takes someone to look into the eyes of your soul to notice the ache. The different facial make-up and cover-ups can’t help you ignore or hide them. It is beyond your strength and hiding skills. You will need divine intervention to help you cover those scars.
Jesus took all the scars on His body so that you and I don’t have to carry them anymore. We don’t have to bear the shame and the flashback trauma of the events that led to those scars.

Know this, the events that led to such scars did not take God unawares. He knew it was going to happen, and one way or the other He has warned us not to make such decisions or take the steps that led to those events, but like we always do, ignore His promptings. But the amazing thing about those scars, I know you may be thinking ‘what’s amazing about scars?’ Oh yes, there’s quite a lot of exciting news about them. They become a learning curve and experience platform that strengthens and adds flavour to the stories of our lives.

The testimonies of our lives are not complete without the different scars we experienced, they contribute to the needed recipes of building and fulfilling our purpose here on Earth.

The scars may be ugly, tormenting and taunting, but love if you just take your eyes of them and focus on the experiences that could change and transform someone’s life, then you’ll know that there is no ugly situation that God cannot turn into a life-changing message.
Even Jesus experienced the scars from the stripes and the cross to complete our Redemption Story. The message of the Gospel is not complete without mentioning the scars of the Cross and that of the Stripes. And those painful and ugly stripes He took on His body, became the healing and transforming power that changed lives and grants us divine wholeness in every situation.

What are those scars you’ve been trying to hide for so long? Hand them over to Jesus and let His transforming power heal and use them to bring hope and encouragement to someone at the end of the rope.

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4 thoughts on “Finding Purpose in the Seasons of Life”

  1. Great. Yes the scares serves as a reminder of how good God has been to you. How through it all his mercies sustained you and you are still going strong and moving forward.
    Blessing Sister.


  2. This says it all. Powerful.
    #Jesus took all the scars on His body so that you and I don’t have to carry them anymore. We don’t have to bear the shame and the flashback trauma of the events that led to those scars.


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