Finding Purpose in the Seasons of Life

The Journey to the other Side!

At times the journey to the other side can be so intense if you dare to embark on it by yourself. From one side of the tunnel to the other may look straightforward but what you don’t know or see is the hidden forces and battle in the ‘in-between’ stage of the journey which may disguise themselves as ‘okay’ until when you start the journey and find yourself halfway through. In most cases, the centre part of the journey seems to be the hardest experience that can push you to back-off and return to base. However, your decision at this point is when people will know whether your heart is wholly on the journey and whether you’re serious about your destiny.

In the heat of that centre point, what do you do?

When the raging storm arises, and the turbulence hits you hard. When the battle becomes fierce and ideas escape your mind, and nothing seems reachable. When you’ve lost all hope, and your boat is on its way to capsize. What do you do when you find yourself in this dark and lonely nightmare?
When turning back is the same distance and effort as moving forward to your destined place.

Halfway through finishing my degree, I decided to call it quit and start the same course at another University because I thought the road was too rough and bumpy to continue the journey of my degree. I was not making any progress in my studies. I was just hitting unmoveable brick walls anytime I try to move forward, and these walls were always pushing me back leaving me helpless and desperate, so I thought changing University might be the best choice.

Sleepless nights, headaches, constant nervousness and nightmares were the only friendly allies I had then; I call them that because they were the friends I could reach for without fail or disappointment when every other University I called were turning me back with one excuse or the other.
What I didn’t realise was that God wanted me to go back to my previous University and finish that degree journey I tried to abandon. In my mind, it was a battle I couldn’t win but little did I know that God was there right through the storm. From the beginning of the journey right through the terrible centre point. All He was waiting for was an invitation into my sinking boat and be ‘The Captain Sailor,’ who would not just calm the storm, but silence the turbulence, defeat the battle and sail me to the end point, my destined place on the other side. I was later able to use my story to encourage a few people and assure them that the journey is worth it when God is in it.

The other side I could see from far but thought impossible to reach.

Mark 4:35-41 and Mark 5:1-15. When the storm raged and the waves beat hard on their boat, they thought that was it. Death has arrived, and there was nothing they could do to escape it. They tried all they knew to do, but the storm was uncontrollable. In the midst of all they were facing, Jesus (The Storm Stiller) was right there in the boat waiting for an invitation. I don’t think He was sleeping, because He knows all things and also no one sleeps in a situation like that, when the waves were filling their boat, with water splashing everyone in the boat. But He was lying down still to see how far the disciples could go trying to face and manoeuvre the storm by themselves.
I don’t get it, why would you nurture a headache when you have painkiller medication in your house. Why would you go hungry when your kitchen pantry has sufficient food to feed you? But the disciples were perishing when Jesus was right there in their midst. Don’t we always do the same? We let every battle we face beat us down and almost wreck us into pieces before we remember God’s promises ‘I will never leave you nor forsake you,’ and ‘Call on Me and I will answer.’
The disciples later beckoned Jesus, and He calmed the storm and silenced the waves instantly.

When they got to the other side, there was a man needing healing and deliverance.
So the storm wasn’t really for them but was an obstacle trying to stop them from reaching out to someone who desperately needs their help on the other side. At times the situation you’re going through now, might not be for you, but for that one person or hundreds of people waiting on the other side to hear your story and through it find restoration, hope, healing and courage. So go through the journey and let Him take you to the other side of your destiny. You got to get there because people are waiting to hear your experiences through the storm and the waves that will encourage, heal and move them to the next phase of their life. You can’t afford to take this journey lightly because somebody’s destiny is attached to your other side (your finish line).

Is the other side of your destiny proofing impossible to reach? Let The Captain Sailor (Jesus) take you through the storm and into your future.

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