Finding Purpose in the Seasons of Life

In between 2 Lanes trying to distinguish His Voice

When you find yourself in between two lanes while heading to your destiny, and wrestling with thoughts and convictions about the right route, how do you face both lanes to determine which one leads to your future?
Have you been in that situation when you want to trust your instincts but too frightened to take the step?

Learning to listen to God is the key to the right direction. I’ve asked myself these questions ‘how do I know it is God speaking at a particular time, or how do I even distinguish His voice in the midst of the overwhelming distractions and noises going on in my mind and around me?’ I later realised that learning to hear God’s word does not come on an every morning and evening prayer lifestyle alone. It has to be more than that. Intimacy with God is what takes you to the place of not just hearing His voice but also recognising His voice. It is like a husband and wife relationship. If all they do is just talk in the morning and at night and perhaps when there’s an emergency, then how will they build intimacy in their marriage? But the more they spend time together, pour out love for each other, caring for each other, watching each other’s back and being selfless but doing everything to please each other, then intimacy is built gradually. It shouldn’t be ‘what about me,’ but what can I do for you? However, we live in a society where this is lacking, and everyone is in for their interest. It is now ‘I do this for you, and you do that for me.’ No one wants to lay down his or her desire to serve. I am not talking about being enslaved but being there because you genuinely love and care.

I’ve been in between two lanes before, and at times I find myself back into it, staggering and disoriented trying to find the right path. It is like sitting on the fence looking at two directions, one to your left and the other to your right, and desperately trying to label which way to go.

When we face such pressing situations regarding our destinies, we quickly forget that there is A Shepherd and A Saviour who can lead us into the right route. We don’t have to stand at the triangle peak or in between the two lanes casting lots of which one to take, all we need to do is ask Jesus to lead us to the right path and be patient enough to wait and listen for His directions. I am speaking to myself here because I have not been patient enough in waiting for God’s leading sometimes. I need a whole lot of patience.
We cannot afford to rush the process in choosing our destiny route; otherwise, we end up in the wrong destination or trying to make detours that are detrimental to our calling, leaving us with lifelong consequences to bear.

Don’t rush into the wrong destiny lane. Wait for His guidance! Rushing is a recipe for a crash.

Which road are you about to walk into in this season of your life? Is it the narrow or the broad way? Matthew 7:13 -14 says ‘Enter by the narrow gate; for wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction, and there are many who go in by it. Because narrow is the gate and difficult is the way which leads to life, and there are few who find it.’
So wherever you find yourself standing and critiquing your instincts on which journey to take, know that the Way Maker and the Good Shepherd is waiting for an invitation to guide and show you the way that leads to Life and Eternity.

Don’t rush the Journey! Walk it with Him!

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8 thoughts on “Finding Purpose in the Seasons of Life”

  1. It takes discipline and patience to have an intimate relationship with God. We are so used to a one way conversation that we don’t stop to listen to God. God is always speaking to us.


    1. You’re totally right Moreen. Discipline and patience are the right words we need to adopt in our relationship with God otherwise we can’t get to that place of intimacy with Him.

      Thanks for reading Moreen.
      God’s blessings.


  2. Awesome, Very true and well stated, I couldn’t agree any more. As you said PATIENCE is the key, waiting for him to be in control and his will to be done.
    Bless you


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