Finding Purpose in the Seasons of Life

Discovering Your Purpose & Ministry

When God saved you and me from sin and called us to Himself, it is for a purpose. Irrespective of your vocation, you do have a calling as a child of the King.

Have you attempted to discover your ministry?

There are gifts and talents God has put in you, but it takes seeking Him to discover them. Paul, the apostle, charged Timothy not to neglect the gifts in him. God wants you to discover His gifts in you and use them to glorify His name. God doesn’t want you to bury your talents. Of what use will it be to God if He gives us talents which we never discover or use? He desires that we use them and multiply, bringing forth a mighty harvest for His Kingdom. We will give an account for every talent used, unused and misused. If God’s will is for you to use the acting or singing skills He has given you to glorify Him, why would you use them to glorify the desires of the world when you know that you will have to give an account on that FINAL DAY when we stand before Him.

In Matthew 25:14–30, Jesus Christ told the parable of the talents. Three servants were given talents to trade with according to each one’s ability. In essence, we do not all have the same abilities, but each of us has an ability, something we can do. While each person’s talents and abilities may differ, all talents and abilities are given to glorify God. There is likely a flair God has blessed you with, love or passion for something; it could be a skill God has enabled you to acquire or some spiritual grace or gift He has bestowed on you. These are pointers as to your calling, your gifts, and your abilities. Many people do not use their gifts and skills for God because they are fixated on the skills and gifts of others and would rather be like others.

Well, you are unique in Christ so embrace who you are in Him and what abilities and gifts He has placed in you and use them to His glory.

Don’t bury them, don’t despise them, don’t be lazy about deploying them, and don’t justify your inactivity for His Kingdom.
Do what you can with what you have where you are when you can, this is the beginning of faithfulness with your talents, gifts and callings. It is as you use your abilities that you grow in them. It is as you use your gifts that they multiply in effect.

Progress is a journey of steps. Don’t be overwhelmed by the length of the journey ahead, rather just focus on the next step and take that step.

As you faithfully take one step after another, you grow in effectiveness, expertise and achievement. You may make mistakes. We all do. I have made quite a handful myself and will likely make many more mistakes before my life’s journey here is over. Nevertheless, I refuse to surrender to my mistakes. I arise, learn the needed lesson, do a retake, and move on. We can’t continue to be held down by our negatives while there is a call to advance. Kingdom business must go forward. Therefore we have to progress as the King’s work persons on earth.

What is the talent God has given you? He has placed something in your hands to harness, prune, and beautify for His Glory.

The talent He gave you might be as little as a mustard seed, but if you are faithful in working with it, you will have the same reward as the person who He gave a mountain of talent and worked on it as well. Why? Both of you were faithful in that which God gave you.

Make every day count on earth; work on that ministry He has given you, that new talent you have just discovered. Be busy with His business; time is running out, we might be called home any day or any minute and Jesus is coming back soon.

I don’t know about you, but I want to finish my assignment on planet earth. I don’t want to stand before my King giving an account of regrets and saying, “If I had known.” I want my King to be proud of me and say to me on that last day, “Well done, good and faithful servant; you have been faithful over a few things, I will make you ruler over many things. Enter into the joy of your Lord.” I know I can’t do these by my strength, I need the grace of God to help me through, and so you do need His grace as well.

Have you discovered your purpose for living?

As you seek Him, I pray He reveals your life purpose and guide you through to fulfillment in Jesus Name.

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2 thoughts on “Finding Purpose in the Seasons of Life”

  1. Well Said Catherine
    “Progress is a journey of steps. Don’t be overwhelmed by the length of the journey ahead, rather just focus on the next step and take that step.

    As you faithfully take one step after another, you grow in effectiveness, expertise and achievement.”


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