Finding Purpose in the Seasons of Life

When it’s not Fair!

Often we throw around this word when we feel we are not treated rightly or felt someone took advantage of us. ‘It’s not fair.’
Children are the best users of this phrase. Sometimes I wonder who taught them to say that. You ask them to share their toys with their siblings or friends, the next thing they’ll say is ‘it’s not fair’. What is not fair? Sharing your toys or the fact of seeing them with someone else when you knew it should have been you playing with them all by yourself. But don’t we adults say that as well? I mean in our hearts, of course, we do. I have said that in my actions and attitude so many times. We tell children not to say that and to behave nicely with each another. Just because they are so innocent to express it verbally compare to our inner hidden thoughts doesn’t mean we don’t do it as well. We are experts in using the ‘it’s not fair’ phrase.

I cannot begin to explain the scenarios I have experienced where I felt ‘it’s not fair. In most of them, I cried and became angry. Completely unfair and unthinkable situations. I have experienced some cases where I felt ‘hold on, that’s enough’ I am not taking any more! Seriously! I am sure you’ve been there as well when you feel like you’re going to lose it if that situation continues. When we feel misjudged, not promoted, not appreciated, and hushed in matters not handle rightly or given the best judgement in one way or the other, we finalise within us, ‘it’s not fair’. When relationship dramas play up, and we ended being the one broken, we say it wasn’t fair. There’s always something that appears unfair, and no matter how we try we can’t please or satisfy everyone. I wish I can tell you that it’s a fair world we live in, and you are never going to see unfairness evince. But unfortunately, people will disappoint and misjudge you, step on your toes, spit on your face, slap you on your cheeks, knock off your shoulders and if possible sweep you off your feet with unfair amazement.

Our job is to take that ‘whatever’ we feel unfair and give it to God who sees and knows everything.

Have you ever thought about Jesus’ agony, condemnation and crucifixion? Was it fair? But He chose it for a greater result, and that’s our salvation. We don’t like anything unpleasant, yet we live in a world full of unpleasant surprises every day. There is always going to be something somewhere that looks unfair. Yes, your situation may be unfair, but if we decide to stay in that stage waiting for an apology before we move forward, then we’ll be wasting a whole lot of time while the clock keeps ticking. Time is running, and purpose is waiting for fulfilment, so we don’t have spare time for ‘it’s not fair’ excuse. I know it is hard, but at times we need to shake it off, leave it behind, don’t turn back but look forward as we press into the future. That’s what Jesus did, He has His eyes on the Finish Line and therefore all the unfairly trials and punishments He experienced along the way getting to His destiny didn’t stop Him. He gave deaf ears to them, didn’t allow any of that to slow Him down and distract His focus. They were painful events, heart breaking scenarios and cruelty displayed right before His eyes while He made His way to the Cross, the Finish Line that got you and me here today.

What is that unfair event unfolding in your space? What is that thing that God cannot intervene and turn around? Yes, it is going to be painful to let go and look away, but that’s where God’s Grace comes in to take us through the journey.
I pray The Holy Spirit will help us out of any situation that we are struggling to let go.

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