Finding Purpose in the Seasons of Life

The ‘Unfamiliar’ a Transit Stop

I learnt that there are so many stops in life, and the unfamiliar is just another stop. It’s a route in transit. It is not a permanent place; it is a place of exchange. But while you’re there, make yourself familiar with the place and learn new things there, because some of them might be the very essentials needed at the next stop, or sometimes can be the fuel you need to take you and keep you going at the next point. It can be a place of uploading and downloading. However, you need to be very careful with what you’re uploading. What you exchange at that place of transit is crucial.

I am more worried about the uploading process than the downloading, because what you upload goes with you. And if you spend your time uploading what is irrelevant, you are only causing delays to your purpose and destiny at that particular point you find yourself. You need to make sure that whatever you upload, are the prerequisites necessary or that which will contribute to you fulfilling your purpose otherwise drop it. It’s not worth the trouble.

There is a purpose for every stop or place you find yourself in, and it will do you great harm if you stay idling and mingling with the unnecessary, or trying to figure out how you can fit in or be like the people you find there. Remember, no one is born on this earth to sit down idling. Everyone was made for a purpose. God didn’t make purposeless beings! So if you don’t know your purpose, seek Him to find out.
Each stop the Lord places you requires something to be done. Some of the stops may need career building, personality upgrade and character development. These all contribute to building you up in this journey and preparing you for the next stage.
We are not just set at a particular phase to stay loafing around and frivolously consuming time. There is work apportioned for you to do, and it necessitate diligence, as a day of accountability will come when the King requires a report of how we’ve carried out the portion that was set out for each of us. So, patience, faith, trust and endurance might be the best friends to employ during this voyage.

I call the unfamiliar a hands-on waiting place. It’s not a laid-back place at all. Because when we say waiting, the idea that comes to the mind of so many people is to sit down, relax and do nothing while waiting for that ‘whatever’.
Get your hands busy while in that ‘waiting’ place and make use of the time.
Can I encourage you to begin to dig deep into that assignment, that gift or talent given to you? Trade it, nourish it, nurture it, prune it and work it out, and be like the wise servants in Matthew chapter 25 that traded with their talents, reproduce and got an increase.

Test the soil you want to trade in, make sure it’s the right ground for your gifting to grow, breath and multiply. Remember, time is not in your hands, so handle the transit stop wisely.
Life is a transit that involves series of events and everyday activities. Live it wisely and godly.
How are you making use of that transit place?

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2 thoughts on “Finding Purpose in the Seasons of Life”

  1. Well said. Reminds me of a time I was at one of my transit points (at the time did not now it was a transit point) and I heard the opportunity to learn something new and unfamiliar and I did not do so. Unknown to me this was preparation for my next transit point. Only realised when I got there and it took me a long while to fit into What God’s plan was for me. It did not stop God from telling me what He wanted me to do, however misused my opportunity of being fully equipped. For all things there is a purpose and we need strive to ensure that we do not miss it at each transit point or event in life. Thank God for His grace that is sufficient for us.


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