Finding Purpose in the Seasons of Life


The Waiting Period!
The waiting period is a season that requires grace and perseverance for a stress-free experience. It is not a fast-track stage at all. You know sometimes we have some Colleges and Universities that have courses that can be fast-tracked so you finish earlier than expected, or earlier than your original finish date. But the course called ‘Waiting’ cannot be fast-tracked nor can you skip to another level without going through the first level; otherwise you’ll get into a lot of mess and find yourself right back where you started.
At times children get promoted from one class to the other which is perfect for parents because it saves them money for that entire skipped grade. I have seen children who have been promoted two grades ahead of where they should have been. Some because they are fast learners, very intelligent or high-performing students in their classes.
However, the class of ‘waiting in God or waiting for God’ doesn’t care whether one is smart, creative, or a high performing expert in waiting. Its keeps you in that class until, when God is ready. You can scream, jump, get angry, or qualify yourself for promotion, but that isn’t going to get you an ‘okay move forward’ signal. So whatever you do; you’re better off leaning patiently on God. Whatever your decision is in handling that waiting period, you aren’t going anywhere forward according to God’s timetable until He says so.
Sometimes we may force ourselves out of the waiting season to work things our way, but in most cases, we find ourselves right back into the same waiting class not knowing how we got back there, forgetting that God calls the shots.
I’ve asked myself so many times the same question that you may have asked in such situation but got no answer. ‘When God?’ Seriously I don’t know how many times I have repeated this question.
I cried, but my tears didn’t push God to bring it to pass earlier than His schedule timeframe. You know how a child can manipulate his or her parents to get something by crying and shouting even when they initially said no. Well, that isn’t God’s parenting style. If God says not now, you can cry and scream and shed a bucket of tears. But love, it’s not going to happen. So if you’re wise, just stay in that class call waiting and get busy, because at the right time in His way He will make it happen.
Had I known, I would have gently left everything in His hands and waited patiently on Him. I wasted so much precious time in the ‘waiting period’ trying to get myself out of it, but I got nowhere because it wasn’t the right time to graduate from that class. I was waiting for different things at the same time and tried fulfilling them by myself. I did all I can but nothing happened. I just got one promise to another, getting my hopes up from one interview to another. It wasn’t easy. I mean I started looking at myself and thinking ‘what’s wrong with me?’ Why are other people getting it and I am not? I took these frustrating questions to God, but nothing changed.

After all this while when God finally did it, I began to understand why it didn’t happen earlier as I wanted. It wasn’t the right time then. I would have saved myself a lot of trouble and stress if I had only left it all in God’s hands and trusted Him to bring it about in His time.
Some of us have decided to jump out of that waiting period and try to take control but ended up with frustrating and heartbreaking results.
It’s not worth the try people. Leave it in God’s capable hands and trust Him while waiting because there are some prerequisites you’ll learn along the way, which will contribute to building you up and refining your personality for when that promise, prayer request or whatever it is that you’re waiting on God for, will eventually happen.

Don’t let anyone persuade you out of that waiting class if God asked you to hold on because at the end the wait is going to be worth it.

What does your waiting period look like in your transit stop?
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2 thoughts on “Finding Purpose in the Seasons of Life”

  1. This blog speaks reality and I commend the author for sharing it. There are some seasons in our lives that we love and some we hate. We enjoy seasons of blessings and prosperity but the seasons of trials we tend to ask God to remove quickly. Patience is important as many times we simply have to wait for God’s time.

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