Leaping Faith for a Leap Year

Every morning when I walk down our hill to the bus stop I come across the word ‘LEAP’ on a noticeboard with a picture of someone jumping from one point to another. But this morning as I walk towards the noticeboard, I couldn’t help but ponder on the blessing of an additional day for 2020. I wonder if you and I can, like that picture on the noticeboard have the faith to jump from where we are now, into where we want to be letting go of our insecurities.
My question is, what are you going to do with this extra day? Well, I read some old traditions about Leap Year online, and some of them left me with jaw-dropping amazement. Seriously?

So what’s the meaning of leap. A leap according to my dictionary, is to jump to a great height or jump with great force. But I saw a fitting description ‘to leap means jumping across into something new.’ Now that caught my attention. See, I don’t mind leaping, but I won’t waste my time jumping into the same tracks I’ve been sitting on for years or leaping into another space which has the same trellis that I’m trying to overcome from this end. Sorry, I won’t leap. Excuse me, I am not doing it. Of what benefit is it leaping from one instability to another? If I have to jump, it has got to be into something new and life-changing, because I am tired of vaulting from one old jumble into another.

Sadly, some of us don’t mind hopping into the same old clutter we’ve been fighting to escape for decades, because with time, it becomes comfortable and familiar. I’ve been there and I want no more of it.

Right now, I want the wind of change to blow into my direction. And when that wind comes, I am going to jump on its wings and leap to the highest height possible to experience a new beginning and a fresh start to life.
Am going to leap over every mess, brokenness, heartbreak, disappointments, my failures, anxiety and every depression with a leaping faith into God’s overflowing provision for me.

So let’s get hold of faith as we leap into the new, flying with the wings of change, soaring on the strength of GRACE, and landing into the heights of new beginnings and possibilities.
Ignite that leaping faith in you and don’t let your mistakes or the failures of your past hold you back. Don’t let that trial and error experience leave you in procrastination.
It is a leap year and requires faith to leap over everything that holds you back from reaching for your purpose, going after that dream and utilising your God-given potentials. It’s an extra day of GRACE for 2020. Jesus is The God of second chances!

I am leaping off this edge, are you coming?

Comments are welcome.

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