Hidden in the Dust!

Cloaked somewhere in the dusty corner of a neighbourhood in a small suburban town, was an undiscovered princess hidden beneath the dust and rust of shame, humiliation, sin and mockery. It will take a supernatural sight to see this gem covered in dirt. No matter how she tries to rise at the view of the burning sunlight to catch the glitter that would light up her life and reveal the gem hidden in her, she gets pushed back right under the pile of sin struggling to breathe. When will they ever let her be who she rightfully is and not what the dirt made her? Is there any hope at all? Anything left for her to hold on to for hope?

She looks around, and everyone she could see was comfortable sitting and covered up in this unbelievable dirt. No one wants anyone to rise from that situation. However, she was uncomfortable in that mess but not allowed to step out. Somebody help me, her soul cries out, but no one could hear the gem crying beneath the mire. She was covered with so much dirt and shame that there was no way anyone could hear her from the outside.

The dust has built a noise protection wall that blocks the internal voice of the soul from reaching out for help. So she gently gave up and hoping someday, a Saviour will come to her rescue. And He finally came. So today I celebrate the birth of that Saviour who loves me past my sin and who reached down beneath the dust to find me hidden in the rubble. He refused to allow it to define my worth.

In His eyes, I was worth saving, worth cleansing, worth another chance to live, worth discovering and surely worth enthroning as the Princess He initially designed. And when He looked at me and into my eyes, I saw LOVE that I’ve never seen nor encountered. Love that saw the hunger and thirst in my soul to be saved from the mess that got me hidden in shame and guilt. Love that erases my history of sin and disobedience, and gave me a new life chapter to start again.

Reflecting on the past, I asked myself, where would I be today if LOVE hadn’t rescued me, or if I had refused His offer? I thank God that LOVE never gave up on me, and I am here to say ‘Thank YOU’ to that LOVE (JESUS) that saw the jewel in me.

Ohh, I love Christmas. I love knowing my SAVIOUR came for me.
Are you hidden in the rubble of life? Whatever that represents in your life, He can bring you out. I know, because He brought me out.

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