Finding Purpose in the Seasons of Life

When it becomes normal, I’m dancing!

When Singlehood becomes normal, you find yourself dancing in the rhythm of this gracious gift. Singlehood is not some ‘disease’ to be cured with marriage. It is a gift that you’re meant to treasure, study, nurture, nourish, prune, maximise and allow it to grow you into what it is intended, and take you to the next stage (whatever it is that God has planned).

Yes, I am dancing…

My feet racing to him
My hands in total surrender
My body longing to fall in his arms
My mind travelling a thousand miles searching for his countenance
My heart pounding with unending love
Oh, how I want to dance, dance in the fire of Your love.

I feel a constant burning
Like fire in my heart
It cuts through, awakening my soul and stirring my spirit
The fire of love burning in me
Leaving me hungry and yearning to be in Your presence
Oh, how I want to dance, dance in the fire of Your love.

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