Finding Purpose in the Seasons of Life

Dealing with the Past!

When the past comes chasing trying to steal your peace, distorting your emotions, destabilising your thoughts and wanting to take resident in your heart, do not put it off, but face it with great audacity and tell it where it belongs.

I learned and believe that darkness surrenders to light (John 1:5), so I am prepared to shine the most magnificent LIGHT of my Redeemer into my wounded past, exposing and bringing them to surrender at His feet.

My mind is too precious to think about anything else but His love for me
My heart so delicately formed to only house, my Lord and King
My ears tuned only to hear His voice and not the sound of darkness
My eyes finely positioned only to behold the marvellous things He has in store for me
My feet trained to trample upon the dark past in victory
My hands made to switch on the Light of His Redemptive work in my life
Furthermore, my mouth anointed to speak His promises that will never fail

So I am ready to face those struggles, the fears and the shadows with the Power of God’s Spirit that lives in me.
It is time to set the record straight and rewrite not my story but His for my life.

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