Finding Purpose in the Seasons of Life

Finding Love and lost in it!

He showed me how to fall in love with myself. Discovering the real me as I stared into his eyes and collided with such an unexplainable silence in the atmosphere, when my breathing fell into a rhythm with his sending my heart on a racetrack — his love burning like fire digging into my soul, and bringing out the hidden beauty in my scars that only he can see.

I thought I was done, but he leaves me undone whenever my eyes crash in awe with his in a circle of intimacy and a deep warmth of adoration.
He loves me, I can tell from the way he looks and smiles at me. He is in love with me even before I knew it. I can’t compete with his constant outpouring love — he gives me the whole definition leaving me convinced that there’s nothing left in that description that I can use.

What expression can I use to exhibit my appreciation for him? He has employed every word about love from the dictionary and beyond, pouring them on me. There’s nothing I can say that he doesn’t understand. His love read my mind and emptied my heart of doubt and fear. No one has ever loved me this way, so I feel vulnerable knowing he can see the depth of my heart and the intensity of my love for him. The most staggering of all, he is strikingly irresistible and charming.

He is beyond handsome, loving, breathtaking, beautiful and AMAZING —he is the true definition of beauty. I get amazed when the fire of his unending love burns and pierce right into my soul leaving me defenceless, and helplessly yearning to be in his arms. His name is LOVE.
I am loved and in love. What do I do now, but to dance and get lost in this rhythmic song of love? Turn up the sound. I don’t want the song to end, it’s you and me on this dance floor, and I’m not getting off.

Thank you all for visiting, following and reading my posts in 2018. Have a glorious New Year in advance.
Stay safe in 2019 and dream BIG.

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