Finding Purpose in the Seasons of Life

The Unfolding Masterpiece!

He’s still designing my life…not sure what the finished masterpiece of my life’s tapestry will look like, but I know it will be worth the wait. He’s been working on the grand masterpiece of my life for 33 years now, and He is still designing, adding colours of rich and radiating design every year. The more I reflect on the past years of His artistic work in my life, the more I see how better and beautiful the picture looks each year.

From the first sketch at conception to 33 years after, my life is looking more stunning every year. More glorious to behold. The hands of the Master Designer never gets weary of adding touches to my life.

Looking into the mirror each day, I could only see what I never thought would happen. Yes, I also see the painful past and the messy life I once lived. But that’s just a comparison of where His Grace found me and the journey Grace is leading me each day. As I stared again into Your mirror this morning, I see Your infinite Love and Mercy for me. I see the smile of a Father who loves me beyond words could describe.

Only He knows the end picture of this incredible life He is designing. He’s putting together the missing parts that got snatched out by the terrible life consequences, repainting the faded areas that the encountered storms of life tried to erase. He’s adding living colours that cannot be faded anymore. Adding value to this once disvalued and trampled life. Knitting and adding embroidery as He weaves my once torn apart life with colourful scarlet thread, making this a beautiful tapestry to behold.

Master Potter, I am like clay in Your hands. My vessel left unsuitable for its intended use, life has battered and rendered me unfit for Your original purpose, but because You are a God of second chances, You’ve marred the battered vessel in Your hand, and reform me again into another as it seemed perfect to You. My life is in Your hands going through unfolding events, but the latter will be worth the process.

When words are not enough to describe Your faithfulness, I stared in amazement. When the dictionary is not enough to define who You are, You leave me astounded. When the encyclopedia cannot give information enough about You, I’m left dumbfounded. So I willingly surrender and allow You to finish this masterpiece portrait You’ve started before conception.

Walk with me as I await the Final Masterpiece of this astonishing and breathtaking tapestry of my life.

Grateful to witness another year!

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