Finding Purpose in the Seasons of Life

When all you have is few!

How few is few, or how less is less?
How much is few and who sets the benchmark of the quantity of few?

The little boy fits the category of having few when you look at his two fishes and five loaves. But he met with The God of multiplication, The God who can make something out of nothing. The God who speaks and it happens.
I wonder what could have happened if the little boy refused to show what he has, or if he had decided to go somewhere and eat his lunch by himself. Have you ever wondered why that boy brought those two fishes and five loaves along? Even to think of it, what was he doing there? Wasn’t he supposed to be at home his age, doing school work or house chores? Did he took permission from his parents to go out and listen to Jesus, or did he sneak out with his lunch? Perhaps he went along with his family to hear Jesus speak and he was in charge of carrying their lunch which he decided to offer to Jesus. Just imagine your little boy, less than ten years old or a bit older, taking permission to go to an open crusade. What will you say as a parent? I know the kind of reply I would have received from my parents then.
Think about it in today’s day and age, would you give your son that much for lunch? You would have said that’s too much for a little boy. But maybe he asked his parents to give him that much so he could share with someone that didn’t have. Or did he hear the disciples whispering about where to get food, and so he ran and got all they had at home and gave them to the disciples? Where was he with his few when the need arose?

That thing in your hands you call few has the potential to feed or serve thousands when you surrender it to The God of increase. All you have maybe few, but don’t be discouraged because that few is someone else’s plenty.

Recently I’ve been looking at the few I have and thinking what can they do or achieve? But I’ve discovered that you need to be in the right place at the right time with the few to know who it will bless and who’s in need of them. The boy positioned himself at the right location and time when he overheard the disciples groaning about feeding the crowd. What would have happened if he wasn’t there? Jesus would still have fed the crowd.

I wonder how many people among the crowd came with their lunches but decided to keep it to themselves, or how many live near by who could have rushed home and brought a plate to share. The boy may be little but obviously with great faith.

How much do you have stored on the inside of you? Yes, you have something. Someone else’s need is in you. It can be a word of encouragement, a word of faith and lifting for someone. A skill that you can pass on, the message of Salvation to a hungry and perishing soul, extending God’s unconditional love to an abandoned person, the gift and passion to mentor someone, standing in the gap as a father to the fatherless and being a helping hand to those in need. Whatever it is, you can make use of that few to impact people’s lives.
Question, are you strategically positioned where the need is, or arising to the call at the right time? Don’t look down on your few.

I pray God help us to take our eyes off the physical few we see and look up to Him as The God of increase as we step out in faith to bless and reach out.

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