Finding Purpose in the Seasons of Life

Battling with your Emotions

Sometimes you get to a particular phase in your life where you begin to battle with your emotions. You seem so lost and not knowing where to go. You think you’re led to do one thing or the other, but get so confused and clouded by your sentiments and what you think your mind is telling you at a particular time. In such situations, if you don’t take your time and seek God, you will mess up seriously. Our minds, how powerful they are! But they can lead us to do some dumb things if we don’t take control.

There are times that I have to take some radical actions. Honestly, some of the thoughts that flood my mind at times are just not okay. I have to sincerely and intentionally pray them out. Am saying aggressively like am contending with someone. I remember one of the past scenarios; I had to shout out, rejecting some awful thoughts that just flashed my mind within seconds. Sometimes I ask myself ‘who invited that thought in my mind? I didn’t hunt for it.’ But that’s what thoughts and emotions are good at; you don’t have to hunt for them. They just flood in like swarm of bees.

The way our minds stray around is just incredible. At times they roam thinking and imagining good things, great dreams or even exciting plans, but sometimes they go wild. I mean real wild. Out of the box! Out of what you know is right. We don’t have to allow that. I know people may say ‘but I can’t control it. Yes, you can. It’s an intentional decision you have to take with the help of God and tell yourself over and over again when these ugly thoughts flood in, ‘I don’t have space in my mind for junk.’ Yes, you heard me right! That’s what I call them. Because seriously, that’s what they are. Why should I waste the precious space in my mind, filling it with trash? You and I have more important and valuable thoughts to fill our minds with rather than junk.

Don’t you think our minds deserve some clean and pure thoughts for a change? Let’s free this mind from all the junk it carries, God helping us. If we would not allow junk in our emails and letterboxes, how much more our precious minds? Do you not think our minds are way more valuable than our emails and letterboxes?
Often, when I walk down some streets, I see letterboxes with big signs saying ‘NO JUNK MAIL’. Well, I guess it’s time we apply the same rule to our minds. Why not put up a sign on our minds which say ‘no go area for bad thoughts?’ I don’t mean you get a visible signboard and stick it on your forehead but have a made-up mindset that your mind won’t allow junk and bad thoughts. Even when they force themselves into our minds, God’s grace is available (if we ask for it) to help us deal with them.

Let’s not allow our minds to grab, collect and suck in everything that comes its way. We, women, are the lead with saving and storing memories. Oh, my goodness. The amount of information we store in our minds is unbelievable. We remember every detail of our lives, relationships, and friendships. We still store the details of every brokenness we went through no matter how long. We know who broke our hearts, how they did it, what they did when it started, the look on the person’s face when he/she did that. We remember the outfit worn. The aftermath expression when it happened, and how the person spoke to us at the location of the scenario where it took place, and whether the person was genuinely sorry or intentional.
My beloved princesses, when are we going to learn, how to let go and stop storing and battling with such emotions. They render us victims to such events and binds us down to them. We carry ourselves with all these trash at the same time absorbing more and more day by day, month by month, adding more to the already junk-filled emotions in our minds. There is no time at all, for off-loading and making room for good thoughts. I understand we have a nurturing personality or spirit, but we should be able to recognise the good and the bad and adopt the right things to nurture and nourish. Our lives are too precious to be carrying junks. They are for rubbish bins, and you and I are no garbage bins to be storing such. We are princesses of a heavenly Kingdom and are vessels made to carry Kingdom matters.
So I’ll encourage us all, to ask the Holy Spirit to help us let go of every junk in our lives. And to grant us a mind like Christ so we can be productive in our calling, and be able to fulfil our purpose efficiently and diligently in every season The Lord places us on this earth. You and I can choose from today what thoughts we allow to take resident in our minds and what we trash out into the garbage bin. Let your thoughts and your emotions be filled and controlled by The Spirit of God.

What are those emotions battling within your mind? Give them to God and ask Him to help you do away with them.

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