Finding Purpose in the Seasons of Life

When you appear stuck in the Unfamiliar

When you seem trapped in the unknown, it looks like there is no way out. The starting point seems so far behind, fading away in the far distance from where you are, and the end point of this seemingly incredible journey is nowhere to be seen, but hidden in the invisible distance ahead.

What do you do then?
Do you turn back and venture in the journey of giving up or do you take up courage and push forward pressing into the future that you can’t see with the natural eyes of your current circumstances, but only by the determination of the heart to get at the finish line.

Sometimes we start journeys in life just because we want to belong, feel welcome, have someone’s shoulder to lean on or ticked off a ‘milestone achieved’ in our yearly resolution plan. However, God sometimes will just want you to look up to Him, learn to listen to Him and wait until He gives you the go ahead to start. But we just want to be on the move and get along, this way we can quickly and easily get buried into the busyness of the journey and blocking off all the fears and shortcomings we are struggling with, which God is trying to deal with in our lives at that moment.

However, I am just tired of doing the same old thing again and again. I asked myself why the rush out of the hospital theatre when the surgeon is still operating on your body. It’s unwise to check yourself out of the hospital when the doctor hasn’t discharged you yet. That’s a recipe for disaster. Because too soon you’re going to find yourself right back in the theatre room where it all started. And this time, the surgery process might be longer and more painful because some wounds may have been exposed and infected, which now requires re-opening for proper clean-up. Why checking out of the surgery theatre when you could have waited until wholly treated, healed and discharge to start the journey strong and in good health?

So when you seem to get stuck in the unfamiliar, don’t rush out or looking for ways to boycotted the journey thinking it’s too long a ride to get to the finish line. That’s a good place to stop and pray, listen and get instruction on how to proceed. However, most of us are good at praying but not waiting and listening for an answer. Most times we are not stuck, but just in a particular stage of the journey that seems a bit longer and slower than the beginning for a particular reason which we can seek God for, or missed it if too hasty.

So wherever you are on this journey, remember nothing can take God unawares, He knows every single day and minute of your life before He ever created you. I will say, that He is right in the midst of whatever you’re in now, just lean on Him for directions and He will lead you through.
Do you think you’re stuck somewhere? In the Unknown? Why not pour it out to God and watch Him guide you.
God’s blessings.
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4 thoughts on “Finding Purpose in the Seasons of Life”

  1. This blog contains great insights about unfamiliarity and uncertainty we face as children of God. Indeed it is usually easy to give up instead of pressing on as Apostle Paul encourages us to do in Philippians 3:14.


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