When Transition beckons!

When you collide with unexpected transition how do you build up the courage to step into the new and let go of the past? How do you change your perspective from what you know to what is different? How does faith play out?

When I crashed at the borderline of transition a few years ago, I was scared to let go of what I knew and step into the unknown. I could hear myself evaluating, ‘should I step into it, should I stay in what I know, or settle at that borderline waiting for clarity?’ But you know it is scary sitting at the borderline right? And at times you look back at the place you once knew and the new one staring at you, hoping you can have both and lose none. Unfortunately, you’ll have to choose one if you must proceed. Sometimes life throws us into the unexpected where we try to comprehend what to do and believe.

A transition can be unsettling no doubt, yet here I am faced with another one, and you never know what it unfolds down the line. However, I know I have a Father who knows all things and has gone ahead and laid out the right and perfect plan for me.
That perfect plan may not necessarily be smooth and rosy like we want it.

In case you are going through the same transition conflict and wondering how you will get through it, YOU ARE NOT ALONE. You say, but I don’t want things to change. I hear you. And believe me, I’ve been sitting on that fence and scared to jump over the other side. Perhaps if only I could see what that other side presents for the future, then I can gather the courage to jump into it. I have so many options and pictures in my mind entirely different from what the other side looks like at the moment.

My heart longs to say yes to the new transition but my mind is frightened because that is not the picture I want. As I hunched over my keyboard typing this post yesterday and gazing at the blue and white sky across my lounge, all I could do was encourage myself in The Lord.

So today I dare to walk down this transition path, beating down the unsettling fear that threatens to hold me down because I know He holds my tomorrow. And because He beckons, I’m taking that WALK.

Can I encourage you today? Wherever you are, and whatever He has positioned in your path, brave up, let FAITH awaken in you and WALK that transition. His promise to you is ‘Fear not, for I am with you; Be not dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you, Yes, I will help you, I will uphold you with My righteous right hand.’ Isaiah 41:10.

Stand tall today, collide with that ‘TRANSITION’ and fearlessly march into it knowing that The King (Jesus) is with you and He has promised never to leave nor forsake you.

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