In that Waiting!

When life throws you in a waiting place, don’t rush out but rather reflect on why you are there at such a time, and what you can learn in that phase. As we all find ourselves in a waiting place desperately hanging on to the next news, decision or changes that may impact our lives and that of thousands, there is one word that can take the fear and anxiety away and replace it with HOPE. It’s call PATIENCE. Patience can still fear in you and replace it with PEACE. That’s the best gift we can give the mind and our soul. No one likes waiting including myself, but in times like these, patience is the best friend we can adopt to remain calm amid chaos.

I have struggled with ‘Waiting’ in the past and I still do today. I guess am someone who likes to know ‘right now’ what’s on the other side of the curtain before I make a move. However, when life hits a challenging mountain, rather than fuss around why the mountain, I think you and I should work together and figure out how we can move and defeat that mountain.
Since we are all forced in a waiting place, it is the right place to reflect on the journey we’ve been embarking on for decades. I call it ‘look deep into your closet and sort out those eyecatching chores,’ Laughs! I have mine to sort out too, but you know am not referring to a physical closet. I am talking about our lives even though some closets would love the attention.

We are all eagerly waiting to get back into the busy bustling of life. And yes, I know this seemingly stagnant period can be overwhelming for many with a desperate longing for answers. ‘When is it going to end, how long will it take, what will life be after this season?’ My advice, maybe we should all calm down and positively make use of this season.

Waiting seasons don’t last forever so I don’t want to let it go without learning a thing or two, without improving on my character, without working on that bad habit, without aiming for a clean heart and a right spirit, without loving deep, without intentionality in my love life, without mastering selflessness, without surpassing in generosity, without growing in kindness, without mastering the art of listening (gee, I desperately need this one), without being present in the moment (my greatest struggle), without gratefulness as an ever-constant word on my lips, and how can I forgot learning about the virtuous woman in Proverbs 31. These are my to-work-on commitments during these ‘unprecedented times’ (as they call it).

What about you, what will you use this season doing? Take advantage of this ‘waiting phase’ while it lasts. Don’t let it slip through your fingers. Please, not on your watch. Time wasted can be hard to redeem. You can’t go back into yesterday and make up for something you fail to do. They say the most valuable thing on earth is TIME. How will you spend yours?

You’re welcome to sit right here and reflect. There’s more than one chair in the porch above.

Comments are welcome.

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