Finding Purpose in the Seasons of Life

Believe in your Dreams!

I spoke about daring for more and daring to dream in my last post. Today I want to talk about believing in those dreams.
Nobody will believe in them if you don’t because you are not going to convince people when you have not convinced yourself.

At times we feel our dreams are too big and begin to worry how they will finally evolve into reality. Can I encourage you to not just look at the magnitude but also focus on the driver of those dreams? God will and can drive to fruition if we trust them to Him. Who would have thought a King like Solomon will emerge in Israel in those days with such wisdom and wealth that became an envy to nations and kings around? But that’s what God does. He does the never heard or seen, and impossible in human understanding.

Don’t just leave your dreams in your mind, Habakkuk 2:2 tells us to write the vision, make it plain on tablets that they may run with it. So take it off your mind and write it down and hang it where you can see it every day. Let it be well detailed and run with it. It didn’t say sit with it but run. Put it to action! This may require some major ladders to climb for the fulfilment of the dreams. For some, it may be upgrading your career and skills, enhancing your personality and developing a humble character. For others, it might be letting go of the past failures, disappointments and heartbreaks and pressing towards the future having your gaze on the Author and Finisher of our faith Jesus Christ.

Let the written dream be your daily mirror, where you look and reflect every day as you picture the future. Look into that mirror and see how the different plots play out. Check out and visualise the authenticity of the dream for when it will finally unfold to the world, and how it will daze and capture people when they see it manifest. Look into that mirror and tell yourself IT IS TIME FOR ACTION!

Keep the dream alive, don’t let it die, feed it daily with words of faith, words of life and speak the promises of God over it. Jeremiah 29:11 & Luke 11:9-10 are great scriptures to adopt. Ask God to help you lay the foundation and start the building process, and allow Him to put the puzzle together. At the meantime work on yourself and everything, you may need to birth that dream.

There are a lot of recipes you will need along the way, but there are few you need to avoid, so you don’t have a tasteless future. Recipes are great, but when you put together the wrong ones, it will give you an unpleasant and flavourless outcome.
Doubt, fear and procrastination are the major in the list of ‘do not touch recipes,’ because these will cripple your dreams, paralyse your vision, knock off your ideas and render them disabled for life. And you know something, they are free and won’t cost you anything to add them to your shopping basket. But the good recipes will cost you something. The first one is BELIEVE. You have to work on your mind purposefully and your heart to believe in The Almighty and Powerful God, and believe in yourself that He will and can make it happen through you. As you believe in Him, the next one is TRUST. You got to trust Him with all of your heart. The book of Proverbs helps us to understand this better. Chapter 3:5-6 says, “Trust in the Lord with all of your heart, and lean not on your own understanding; In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths.” So in all your plans acknowledge God, and He will direct you to the right route to establish and implement your dreams.
The last one is HEED to His voice and direction when He orders you to do things in a certain way. This here, we miss almost every time because we are not attentive enough to follow His leading in this busy world we find ourselves. Competition, emotions and the drive to stardom influence and lead most of us, which can be a route heading for a crash. Do not let the hunger for success drive your dreams. Let God be The DRIVER!

Let nothing scare you from believing in your dreams! The God we serve is All-Powerful, Almighty and Able to birth them through you.

It’s not too big when God is in it!

Believe, Trust and Heed!

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