Finding Purpose in the Seasons of Life

Pouring out Everything!

I know you might get tired of me talking about purpose, talents and calling, but I don’t know why I keep on lingering around purpose and God’s calling for our lives. All I can say is that God created us for a purpose and fulfilling it is the most satisfying achievement in life. Perhaps it is more for me than it is for you.

In 2 Timothy 4:6 Paul says “For I am already being poured out like a drink offering, and the time for my departure is near.” Paul has emptied his life and used every talent, skill, assignment and gifting in him to reproduce as expected by God. In preaching, he poured out what The Lord entrusted to him, in teaching he taught as lead by the Spirit, in witnessing he preached, confessed and declared The Word of God in power and authority without fear. In discipling, Paul brought up his disciples in the ways of the Lord and mentor and charge them to do the same. In writing, he allowed himself to be used by God and carefully lean on the Holy Spirit as He inspired him to write more than half of the New Testament. In living for Christ, Paul demonstrated how to live a Christ-like life in holiness, righteousness and truth as an example for people to see and imitate. In serving, he gave his all for the sake of the expansion and spreading of the Good News. In areas of leading, he has demonstrated what the qualities of a God-fearing Christian leader are and how we can exercise them as a lifestyle and has also taught the expectations of a Christian leader and follower of Jesus Christ.
So when Paul said in chapter 4:6 that he has already been poured out, he knew what he was saying. He has freely given back, holding nothing, but emptying his life from one assignment to the other. He was bold enough to say he was going to meet his Lord empty, not taking back the talents given to him. Not like the servant who hid his talent not wanting to make use of it for the prolongation of God’s Kingdom. Paul was ready to die empty, taking nothing with him.

In the calling and assignment God gave each of us, are we able to say as the Apostle Paul, or are we still trying to figure out when and how to use them? And please don’t give the excuse of ‘that was Paul an Apostle, and I am not.’ God just didn’t give talents and callings to the Apostles only. Everyone He created has a purpose and a talent/calling to accomplish.

So you have the capacity, and all you need is the audacity to undertake and achieve your assignment. Be tenacious to fulfil your God-given purpose.

My beloved princess, pour it all out for the King, don’t hold back on anything He has given you. Like the late Myles Munroe said ‘die empty’. Do not take anything to the grave with you when you die, because as the saying goes ‘the grave is the richest place on earth’ all the unaccomplished projects, assignments, purposes, talents and businesses are buried in the grave. And no one knows when their time is up to leave planet Earth. So while you’re still here, empty those talents and giftings God placed in you to use for His Kingdom. Make use of them, nourish and prune them. Develop and let them bring forth a mighty success.

The scripture tells us of a woman in the Bible who break her alabaster flask and pour out the expensive oil on Jesus. She made history at the end, fulfil her purpose for that season and opened the door to a closer fellowship with her King. Occupy yourself and use up every blessing, opportunity and privilege God gave you in a godly way so that you can also testify and say boldly as the Apostle Paul said in verse 7 “I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.” Not everyone who starts the race gets to the finish line. But we can encourage each other to keep at it no matter the stage you’re in on the race track. Know that God is right there with you as your Coach, asking you to give it one more shot, another push, a bit harder, give it your best, take the sacrifice and execute your mission here on earth. He is there to strengthen you through the journey.

I am not writing this article as if I’ve got all the time in the world and am ahead living my purpose. No, I seriously need God to help me re-schedule myself and my routine because I haven’t started walking into purpose yet as I have different things all calling for my attention and am trying to prioritise, but I kept on failing all the time. So I am tired of trying it myself and learning to trust God to guide and take me through the journey of walking into, and living His purpose.

Are you holding back the gifts and talents He gave you? Pour it all out for Him, hold nothing back and do not postpone, because tomorrow might be too late.

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