Finding Purpose in the Seasons of Life

Letting Down Your Net! Part 2 & Launching into the Deep

Giving excuses, don’t we all do that?
In part 1 we highlighted that the nets could be ‘anything we hold dear to our hearts and not wanting to let go. It can be a profession, a career, a habit or a way of life that we regard so comfortable, and will do anything to preserve and protect.’

Going through certain situations in life that threaten us from letting down our nets, can be very challenging. They may be residues of past broken relationships, friendships, habits, attitudes, broken hearts, bitterness, anger, abuse and whatever we have emotionally, physically or psychologically suffered from in the past. We allow these to hold us bound in our little self-made cells refusing to loose and free ourselves. And we get so connected to them that they block us from hearing God’s voice. They distract us from discerning the real voice of The Holy Spirit to our emotions.

Peter knew it all, and has studied his boat and can distinguish when to launch his net in the water or not. Like you and I, we think we know all about our nets and how to handle each of them, so they don’t go out of control. These nets get engraved into our hearts and form part of our daily life activities that they become routine to us and eventually proves okay as a lifestyle. They become so familiar to us that they begin to block our eyes, developing as cataracts and gradually causing blindness, dimming our vision, and preventing us from fulfilling our purpose.
But as Jesus beckons Peter to launch into the deep and let down his net, He is also calling you and me to do the same. Jesus wants to board our boats and dive into the depth of that anger, bitterness, abuse, unforgiveness, physical, emotional or psychological trauma, pain or brokenness, and minister healing. The deep might be our cold and dark place, the depth in which the nets operate. The deep we so much want to control and won’t share or reveal.
However, God is calling us to come as we are, we don’t need to give excuses or cover up, He knows it all.

Peter just didn’t let down his net anywhere, but he launched it into the deep. He could just have thrown his net few meters away from the seashore, but why the deep, and why did Jesus wants to travel the journey with him to that place. Jesus doesn’t want us to let down our nets just anywhere and walk away. No, He also desires to ride to the depth and origin of the issue, remove the obstacles, dig out everything that is not like Him, cast them away and cleanse us from all the debris of our nets, while offering healing, mending, and a deep-rooted peace.

Allowing Jesus to journey down the deep with us, opens an opportunity to be transformed into a new vessel having godly perspectives in living a purposeful and God-ordained lifestyle.

Would you launch out into the deep with Him?

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