Finding Purpose in the Seasons of Life

The Pool of Disappointment

I am not sure if you have ever experienced any form of disappointment, but I’ve had so many that sometimes it left me thinking that I am the only one in the pool.
I’ve swamped and swamped, and now I don’t think I can swim anymore because my hands are heavy and tired of flapping in this pool that doesn’t seem to have an exit.
No matter how cold the water is, there are some types of disappointments that no water can calm. The heat that some of them come with can draw off every last bit of energy left in you. They are capable of extracting the strength in you.
So many times, I’ve asked myself, why me? Does it always have to happen to me? I mean, can others also have a turn, please? Because this thing call disappointment is proving too much to handle, and I am seriously tired of it.
Life would have been pleasant without disappointments, unexpected surprises and heartbreaking experiences, but I guess they happen for a reason. As the saying goes, God will not permit what you can’t carry. Though sometimes it can be painful, but His grace is sufficient. God didn’t promise a trouble-free life but that in the midst of every trial and situation we go through, He is there with us.
Now, as am writing this, I am also encouraging myself. And if you are going through any heartbreak and disappointment, feeling down as if you are the only one going through this trauma, can I encourage you to be strong? You are not alone in this pool. Am sure if you look properly, you’ll begin to see others swimming in the same pool. Some faces might be familiar and others may not. So why not we hold hands together in prayer and courage as we strive to swim out of this pool? No matter where you are, I want you to know this, you’re not alone. God sees and knows everything.
I pray for everyone who feels like sinking, as we are about to end this year 2016, may the grace of God fall like a rescue rope and pull you out of the pool of disappointment.
You are highly loved and favoured. God knows your name, address and situation, and He will come for you without fail.

Have a God blessed New Year filled with all of God’s very best for you.

Be strong and very courageous! God is at work!


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