Finding Purpose in the Seasons of Life

I mentioned in my last post about finding purpose in the different seasons of life.  Knowing the core essence of your existence will assist in finding your purpose, and ultimately, lead you to the type of race you’re meant to run in each season of your life. However, many live in the errors of procastinating their seasons. Sometimes because we are waiting for ‘everything’ to line up, whatever that means. And often, we ‘appear‘ stuck in a particular space searching for answers.

It goes like this, ‘I’ll wait until I get that promotion, that new contract deal, that new car or start that new business’, then I can do ….! (You can fill in the blanks if you’ve been there). I’ve been there too. So what we now do, is put everything at a standstill, get stuck in a waiting period because we want everything to line up first, before we can jump into the vehicle of our destination.

I’ve realized along the way, that procastination is one of the greatest hindrances to discovering and fulfilling one’s purpose.


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